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  • Child Support Overview Child Support Overview

    The amount of child support payable or receivable is based on a number of different factors; here’s a general overview of how child support works.

  • Divorce Financial Planning/Investment Making Your Case for Spousal Support

    If you hope to receive spousal support, you need to create an accurate Financial Statement that works for you and not against you. Here's how.

  • Lighthouse Financially Secure Future Navigating Towards a Financially Secure Future

    Since property division on divorce is a state or provincial matter, there are regional differences when it comes to dividing the marital pie. You'll need to ask your lawyer about the rules governing property division in your area, but here are some general rules to get you started.

  • How to Evaluate a Lawyer How to Evaluate and Choose a Divorce Lawyer

    Think of your initial consultation with a lawyer as a job interview – and you can interview more than one candidate before deciding which one to hire. Here are some questions that should help you decide if you trust and want to work with "Lawyer A" or "Lawyer B".

  • Breaking the News About Your Divorce Telling your Family and Friends about your Divorce

    You're getting a divorce. You've talked to your spouse. Now how do you tell your children, friends, and family? Should you tell your boss and/or co-workers? Here's how to minimize the damage when you're breaking the news about your divorce.

  • Health and Well Being 10 Stress-Busting Tips

    Except for the death of a spouse or child, divorce produces more stress than any other life event. Here are ten stress-busting tips you can incorporate into your daily life right now.

Life Events Leading to Divorce

Did one of these life events lead to your divorce?

Birth of a child
Child(ren) leaving home
Death of a loved one
Job changes/loss
Living apart (work or family obligations)


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