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Interested in becoming a writer or regular blogger for our website and publications? We'd love to have you to write for us; here's the scoop!

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: July 19, 2017
write for us

If you'd like to write for us, there are two ways you can contribute content to this website:

  1. You can become a regular blogger; click here for more information.
  2. You can submit one or more articles for possible publication in our magazine or on this website; see below for more information.

If you are interested in writing articles for Divorce Magazine and/or this website, please email our editors (blogs at divorcemag dot com) stating the topic you'd like to cover. If you have already written the article, please attach it to your email to our editors. Please include a short (2-3 sentence) bio and a link to your website(s), if any.

Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Your article should be about 1,200 words in length; minimum 600 words and maximum 2,500 words.
  2. Remember that you are writing for divorcing individuals, so avoid jargon and legal or financial minutia. 
  3. The content should be clear, easy to read, and ready for publishing. 
  4. Your article cannot be an advertisement for your service or product.
  5. Your article must be original and not previously published on the Internet.
  6. You must agree not to publish this article anywhere else – with the exception of your own blog or website after your article has appeared on DivorceMag.com.
  7. We reserve the right to edit articles for content, house style, length, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  8. Articles intentionally promoting hatred based on gender, race, religion, etc. will not be accepted.
  9. Titles that begin with a number are always the most popular with readers: e.g., “7 Tips...”, “5 Ways…”, “10 Things…” etc.
  10. We encourage you to share the article on your social media after it has been published.

Benefits of Submitting Articles to this Website

Although we do not pay for submissions, we will promote you and your article(s) through our social media pages, magazines, and a network of divorce-related websites, including:

If you have any questions about how (or what) to write for us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your interest!

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By Divorce Magazine| February 01, 2016

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