Podcast: Child Custody Gender Bias in the Family Court System

Many fathers believe that the family court system rigged against them: that gender bias still exists when it comes to child custody. If this is true, how can fathers protect their bond with their children after divorce?

By Divorce Magazine
December 19, 2017
Gender Bias in Child Custody

Many people strongly believe that the family court system is still gender-biased against fathers when it comes to child custody. Is there any truth to this belief? What do divorce statistics show? And what can a father do to protect himself from the court's prejudice and remain bonded with his children after divorce?

If a father believes that he has been treated unfairly in court, this podcast on child custody and gender bias offers steps he can take to remain an equal parent after divorce.


Host: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine and DivorcedMoms.com

Speaker: Cathy Meyer, Master Certified Coach (MCC), Certified Legal Investigator and Marriage Enrichment Coach

Cathy Meyer‘s main focus is to help create positive change for those experiencing divorce. Cathy is an original founder and the Managing Editor of DivorcedMoms.com, where she works closely with other divorce professionals and divorced moms who also write about divorce. DivorcedMoms.com is the Internet’s largest community dedicated to empowering women through the divorce process and has 5,000,000 pageviews per year. She has blogged for the Huffington Post and appeared on several Huffington Post Live segments.

Child Custody Gender Bias in the Family Court System

In this podcast, Cathy and Dan share their experiences with custody and parenting after their own divorce. They offer opinions from the perspective of both genders, including the importance of divorced fathers in their children’s lives.

You'll hear tips to help you handle conflict, frustration, and differing co-parenting styles – as well as some of the secrets to successful co-parenting. Finally, Cathy offers a list of critical questions to ask yourself before making any decisions regarding divorce and parenting.

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By Divorce Magazine| December 19, 2017

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