Laughing Through the Pain

The communal aspect of laughter can provide comfort to those who feel alone.

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: August 01, 2017
Laughing Through the Pain

"Laughter" and "divorce" may not seem like words that belong together, but Eat, Drink and Remarry: What Women Really Think About Divorce (Sourcebooks) thinks they're a perfect match. The book is a compilation of cartoons and quotes by divorced women, and takes a look at the lighter sides of losing a marriage. With quotes from famed divorcees like Cher, Joan Rivers, and Ivana "Don't get mad, get everything" Trump, the book packs a strong dose of wry, characteristically female, I-will-survive humor.

"When you can really laugh, you're starting to get over the pain," comments editor Roz Warren. "I don't want to downplay the seriousness of divorce, I would just encourage women to indulge themselves with laughter." Warren started looking at divorce humor when she was going through her own tough divorce. The communal aspect of laughter, she found, can provide comfort to those who feel alone. One of the quotes even acknowledges "the world's largest club, the divorced. We are everywhere." As the taboo of divorce declines, it becomes more acceptable to find solace in the funny and universal truth of it.

"Laughter is an escape, and it relieves tension. Releasing it in a positive way helps you take care of yourself," says Warren. The benefits of laughter are easy to feel – and can replace other, more harmful "releases of tension" like yelling or slamming doors. Divorce is not easy, and it certainly isn't fun, but according to the 107 women in this book, one day you will look back at this and laugh.

Note: this article has been updated from one originally written in 2000.

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By Divorce Magazine| June 08, 2006
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