Podcast: Detecting, Preventing, and Overcoming Parental Alienation

This podcast explains what parental alienation is, how and why it happens, and offers strategies for preventing or recovering from parental alienation.

By Dr. Benjamin Garber
January 11, 2018
Parental Alienation

When the other parent intentionally turns the children against you, it becomes difficult – if not impossible – to have a successful co-parenting relationship. Knowing what symptoms and behaviors to watch out for in your children will help you determine whether or not parental alienation is occurring, and this podcast offers steps you can take to lessen the corrosive effects.

In this podcast, Benjamin Garber, Ph.D., explains what parental alienation is, how and why it happens, and strategies for preventing or recovering from parental alienation. He discuss the warning signs to watch out for in your children, and how to tell the difference between your child’s normal feelings of anger or sadness during and after divorce, and negative emotions inflamed by the other parent.


Host: Diana Shepherd, CDFA®, Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Divorce Magazine

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Garber, licensed psychologist, former Guardian ad litem, parenting coordinator

Dr. Garber has served as an expert witness in a number of states, and his experience includes international Hague Convention matters, Daubert arguments against “parental alienation syndrome,” the critique and review of Guardian ad litem, and as a custody evaluator.

Dr. Garber writes for laypeople as well as professionals in the popular press, family law and mental-health journals, and in book form; regardless of the medium, his intent is always to help families, caregivers, organizations, and courts understand the best interests of our children. You can find many of his articles at his HealthyParent.com blog.

With advanced degrees in child and family development, clinical psychology, and psycholinguistics, he is the author of several books available at UnhookedBooks.com, including:

  • Holding Tight–Letting Go: Raising Healthy Kids in Anxious Times (2016)
  • The Healthy Parent’s ABCs: Healthy Parenting Made Clear and Easy-to-Read (2015)
  • Keeping Kids out of the Middle: Child-Centered Parenting in the Midst of Conflict, Separation, and Divorce (2008)

Links to the Reconciliation Camps/Workshops Dr. Garber refers to in this podcast are:

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January 11, 2018

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