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Obtaining the Favorable Outcome You Desire

Whether you are a business owner, a highly-compensated executive or their spouse, when faced with a divorce, you know the stakes are high and the financial issues complex. You need a trusted family law firm that makes it their business to protect your family, income, and your accumulated or inherited assets so you can return to what matters most: family, business, and career.

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You need Boyle Feinberg Sharma.

A Team of Financially-Savvy Legal Strategists

Our talented divorce lawyers at Boyle Feinberg Sharma excel in protecting clients' rights and preserving their wealth. We have the courtroom experience, financial acumen, and analytical firepower to custom design and execute a strategy that ensures no stone is left unturned.

With the assistance of financial specialists, we identify, value, and divide complex assets — including business interests, executive compensation, qualified and unqualified pensions, and assets unique to your family. When dividing property, we examine the tax implications of assets to ensure a fair deal FOR YOU. We are gifted negotiators who will achieve the best maintenance and child support for your family while securing optimal parenting time allocations consistent with your personal situation.

Respected Negotiators and Litigators Who Produce Results

We have the experience and ability to efficiently get to the heart of the matter and create solutions that are mutually beneficial to you and your spouse where none seem to exist. We possess a vast array of experience in trials and appeals.

Our highly-skilled partners have practiced strictly family law for decades, and their expertise is recognized by colleagues and judges. Whether it is in court or at the negotiation table, opposing counsel greet our lawyers with respect. We are a formidable team that provides unparalleled service and superior results.

We Will Not Compromise Your Future

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and will keep you informed of all issues related to your divorce.

Being a mid-sized family law firm, our partners and our compassionate staff will take the time to understand your unique issues, create a bond, and guide you step by step through this difficult time of your life. Our goal is to safeguard you, your children, and your assets — now and in the future.

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