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Divorce Advice from an MRI: Turn Fear into Focus

Valuable divorce advice, learned during an MRI: No matter what noise rattles around you, listen beyond it. Hear the guidance and the inner message inside you, your key to survival during the divorce process. Turn fear into focus during divorce, even in the scariest of places. Here’s how I did it.

By:Kat Forsythe MSW| March 03, 2017 | (0) Comments |

14 Most Common Causes of Infidelity in a Marriage

Good or bad, we live in an age where people want instant gratification and where they are not willing to really communicate and work on their problems without turning for answers in the arms of another man or woman.

By:Henry Gornbein| August 24, 2016 | (0) Comments |

Prenuptial Agreements: The New Role They Play in Determining Embryonic Custody

It was once true that prenuptial agreements were the province of the rich, the famous and perhaps those who hoped that they would be rich and or famous. Movie stars, business leaders and descendants of families that amassed huge wealth over generations were the consumers of this legal service. Prenuptial agreements are now being used to address more cutting-edge issues like the ownership and use of genetic materials such as embryos.

Best Advice for Divorce Recovery: Turn Off The News!

When you're coping with divorce, here's the best divorce advice ever: Turn off the news! Divorce recovery depends on positive thinking. Our brains need nourishment, not the constant stream of scary tragedies. Technology and divorce are compatible only when we're able to press the OFF button.

By:Kat Forsythe MSW| July 27, 2016 | (0) Comments |

3 Steps to Finding the Right Divorce Attorney Using Online Reviews

Choosing a divorce attorney is a difficult task. With so many divorce attorney review sites, which reviews are trustworthy? Here are some helpful tips for navigating through attorney review sites and selecting the right attorney for you.

By:David Wilkinson| May 24, 2016 | (0) Comments |

Should You Use an App to Spy on Your Cheating Spouse?

Think your spouse is cheating? You don’t need a pricey private investigator to prove it. Divorce attorneys across the nation are seeing an increase in cases that involve inexpensive smartphone apps that enable suspicious spouses to keep tabs on their significant other. The apps work—but are they legal?

By:Avvo| April 02, 2016 | (0) Comments |

The Dangers of Social Media in Family Law

You should think carefully before you post anything on social media during – and even after – divorce. Post the wrong item and the consequences could be terrible. The Internet provides access to everyone. When you are going through a divorce or custody suit, you do not want your dirty linen aired all over social media.

By:Henry Gornbein| March 31, 2016 | (0) Comments |

4 Steps to Acquiring Text Messages by Subpoena in Divorce Cases

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), text messages are the third most often used evidence in divorce hearings and trials. Text messages are used to support a position, impeach the opposing party, or establish a fact. Text messages can be difficult to acquire due to federal privacy and electronic information laws. This article discusses the ways to obtain text messages for use in divorce court.

By:David Wilkinson| March 24, 2016 | (0) Comments |


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