What are some of the benefits of divorce mediation

By Bari Zell-Weinberger
December 16, 2013
NJ FAQ/Mediation Issues

In New Jersey, the divorce mediation process involves both parties working with a neutral third-party mediator to resolve and settle their divorce in an out of court setting. In contrast to litigating divorce matters before a judge, mediation emphasizes cooperative problem solving to address the needs of all involved parties. For couples interested in mediation, benefits of the process can include:

Time Savings: Compared to the amount of time typically required to prepare for court, go through motion hearings, and have your say in front of the judge, divorce mediation can be a much shorter process. If you and your spouse hire a private mediator, you can also look for someone able to schedule sessions around work and family obligations.

Cost Savings: Since time equals money, the biggest benefits couple may see is a decrease in the how much it actually costs for them get a divorce.

Amicable: The mediator's goal is to assist parties in working together to reach an amicable resolution that suits their needs and the needs of their family. When couples settle their own conflict during mediation it tends to reduce the tension between the parties. This is especially helpful if parties will need to maintain a relationship as co-parents after the divorce.

Non-binding: Nothing discussed in the New Jersey mediation sessions is formally agreed to or enforceable unless there is an executed agreement that has been signed by both parties. This means that if you try mediation and aren't satisfied, you don't have to feel "stuck" with the result.

For these reasons and more, mediation is growing in popularity when it comes to resolving divorce and other NJ family law issues, including disagreements over child support, child custody, alimony, asset division, and more. After considering the benefits of mediation, the next question to ask is whether the process of working with a mediator is truly the best fit for your unique situation. Getting in touch with a qualified NJ family law attorney can help you determine how to start moving forward and can further explain the benefits of divorce mediation.

Bari Zell-Weinberger is a Certified New Jersey divorce lawyer and partner with the firm of Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC. in Parsippany, New Jersey, where she exclusively practices family and matrimonial law.

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December 16, 2013
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