I’ve heard that Collaborative Divorce is great

Is it true that in collaborative divorce we share a lawyer, which will cause us to save both time and money?

By Josh D. Simon
December 09, 2011
"I’ve heard that Collaborative Divorce is great, because it means me and my spouse can share a lawyer – which means we’ll save time and money. Is this correct?"

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Some of what you’re saying is correct, and some is incorrect. Let’s start with the latter.

It’s incorrect that you and your spouse will share a lawyer. That’s simply not an option. Regardless of what method you and your spouse take to resolve your divorce, a divorce lawyer will never represent two clients in the same matter.

However, it is possible – and even likely – that you and your spouse will save time and money through Collaborative Divorce vs. litigation. That’s because in Collaborative Divorce, both spouses often hire the same neutral third-party professionals (such as financial advisors, child specialists, etc.) who will help address issues. These professionals then have the opportunity to work together to help suggest solutions.

Furthermore, with Collaborative Divorce, the professionals involved don’t spend a lot of their time – and a lot of your money – filing motions and so on. Collaborative Divorce Lawyers (of which you and your spouse will have your own – you won’t share one) are just as focused and interested as you on resolving the matter quickly and fairly. In other words, your Collaborative Divorce Lawyer doesn’t have any incentive to go to war with his or her counterpart on the other side of the table. Everyone is focused on trying to clarify and resolve the issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

By Josh D. Simon 

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December 09, 2011
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