What factors do Illinois courts consider in allocating parenting time?

By Arin Fife
April 04, 2017
What factors do Illinois courts consider in allocating parenting time?

Similar to looking at the parental responsibilities, the courts look at different factors in allocating parenting time. These factors include, among other things: the wishes of both the parents and the wishes of the children; any prior agreements or conduct of the parents relating to caretaking; interaction of the parents and their siblings; the children's needs; and also the distance between the two parents’ residents.

The judge looks at all of the relevant circumstances and considers them in making this decision. There is often a disagreement and parents want the lion's share of time. What's different now and what the reasoning behind this change in terminology has been to hopefully get away from this winning and losing. The courts have the ability to be more flexible in coming up with these parenting schedules and hopefully can make both parents maybe not 100% happy but do what's best for the children and allocate that time appropriately.

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April 04, 2017
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