Chinese Man Divorces Wife for Giving Birth to Ugly Baby

By Josh D. Simon
Updated: July 17, 2014
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Be honest: have you ever passed by a baby and thought: wow, that’s a face that only a mother could love?

Well, it turns out that a Chinese man took that sentiment to the next level, when he divorced his wife for having a baby that he considered just too darn ugly for his liking.

Jian Feng made international headlines this week when he claimed his appealing wife gave birth to a baby that in his mind couldn’t possibly have come from such attractive genetic stock. So he not only divorced her, but sued her for adultery, repeatedly demanding that he be told of the baby's real (and, apparently, real ugly) father.

But wait – there’s more.

In her defense, Feng’s ex claimed that the baby did indeed look like her; just not the 2012 version. Rather, the little bundle of joy looked like mom did before more than $100,000 of plastic surgery turned her from the homely queen to the homecoming queen.

Of course, nips and tucks being only skin deep, the plastic surgeons did nothing to change her DNA, which, according to Feng, is a ticking time bomb of natal nastiness.  

Feng may not have won many fans across the world for his staggeringly superficial stance, but he didn’t walk away empty handed. The courts awarded him $120,000 in damages for having been lied to by his formerly ugly, former wife.

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October 26, 2012

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