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recording a video blogYou can be a one-time contributor (which does not require registration) and start video blogging right away, or you can register to become a regular blogger and have all your video and your written posts listed on your profile page. For more information about becoming a regular blogger, click here. You must read our ground rules first before you submit your first video blog!

3 Simple Steps to Video Blogging

You can use the camera on your computer, tablet, cell phone, or a digital camera to record your video blog. Try to set up your device so the camera is at eye level. We recommend making a short test video so you can see how you look and sound, whether the lighting is too dim or too bright, and whether the background is relatively uncluttered so it doesn't distract the viewer. Once you've done this, video blogging with us is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Record your video blog post.
  2. Email us at for easy upload instructions.
  3. Upload your video blog post.

We recommend that you start by introducing yourself and your topic. For example: "My name is Jane Smith, and I'm a family lawyer at Smith & Jones in Chicago. Today, I'll be talking about how to prepare for court if your divorce case is headed to trial." Make your introduction short and sweet – two short sentences is ideal – so viewers don't lose interest and close the page before you get to the meat of the matter.

After we review and approve your video blog, it will be posted and can be viewed from a link on this page as well as on your Profile page if you're a regular blogger:

To watch all our video blogs, click here.


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