Domestic Violence


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Barring A Spouse From the Home in a Ohio Divorce

Barring a Spouse from the Home Ohio, Getting Exclusive Use of It Home in Ohio.

By:William L Geary| July 26, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Top 5 Ways to Recover from an Abusive Relationship After Divorce

Divorce is already a hard enough thing to deal with; however, removing yourself from an abusive relationship in the process can make things almost impossible. The best way to do so is by learning to live without them and learning to love yourself in the process.

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Bullied During Divorce: 3 Ways to Stay Empowered Through This Life Transition

Bullying doesn’t just happen on the playground. Many people feel bullied during divorce, either by their spouse, their spouse’s attorney, or the court system.

Financial Abuse Is a Form of Domestic Violence

Financial abuse is insidious, cloaked in false “protectiveness,” a form of bullying, and a precursor to domestic violence. It leaves no bruises, but it really, really hurts.

4 Steps to Take If You Become Involved in a Domestic Violence Incident

One of the toughest components of practicing family law involves handling domestic violence issues. Domestic violence issues are by far the most serious, emotionally charged, and costly components of any divorce or child custody case. The consequences are often literally “life or death” for the victim(s).

7 Tips for Mothers Coping with Mother's Day

Mother's Day isn't the easiest holiday in the world. Many women around the world are anguished over wanting to be a mother, and the holiday reminds them of this.

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Civil Protection Orders in Ohio: Should They Be Defended or Appealed if Expired?

In the following case, the order against the mother, from the domestic violence findings, had expired before the Court of Appeals could make a decision. The final decision of the Court of Appeals, however, was to reverse the lower court’s judgment against the mother. If the civil protection order against her had already expired, one might ask, “What difference did the win on the appeal make?” The answer is that it could make a big difference, even though the order had expired.

By:William L Geary| March 30, 2016 | (0) Comments |

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