Using Feng Shui to Create Positive Energy After Divorce

This is the perfect time to try a new healing method and fill your home with positive energy.

Feng Shui: Calming pink flower and candle

It goes without saying that stress and divorce go hand in hand, but did you know that it’s considered one of the most notoriously stressful situations a person can go through?

It’s no wonder that many people have adopted somewhat unorthodox methods to soothe the pain of this process. Plenty of stress management techniques deal with the state of your mind, body, and soul. However, one often overlooked remedy is the state of your home.

After a divorce, you may buy a new home or occupy an old one that may have lost its previous luster and appeal. This is the perfect time to try a new healing method and fill your home with positive energy.

Using Feng Shui to Create Positive Energy After Divorce

Feng shui is a practice that many people are familiar with, but it’s still commonly misunderstood. This home decor style grew in popularity throughout the United States during the 1980s, although it dates back to ancient China.

Feng shui emphasizes the arrangement of furniture, accents, colors, materials, and shapes to better the energy flow in one’s home. In turn, this improves various areas of life based on someone’s personal goals. But Feng Shui’s often ambiguous approach leaves even the most practiced home aficionados at a loss for words.

While many in-depth parts of feng shui can be complicated and a bit unrealistic for the average homeowner, many essentials are easy to grasp and use in daily life.

To begin the feng shui process, it’s important to use a Bagua map and organize your home into different sections that correspond with specific life areas.

These life areas include:
  • Wealth
  • Reputation
  • Family relationships
  • Health & well-being
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge
  • Career
  • Friendships & travel

Many of these life areas may be useful to improve upon, especially after divorce, because it is such a polarizing occurrence. Perhaps you lost friendships, your health has been neglected, or your personal finances took a hit in the fallout. Or maybe you’re just ready to move on from the past with new romantic relationships, career opportunities, or an exciting trip that you have been waiting to take.

Choose Life Areas You Would Enhance

No matter the circumstance, feng shui is a viable option for constructive growth and possibilities. Take a personal inventory, choose the life areas that you would like to enhance and start painting or accessorizing with the corresponding colors. For example, if you would like to optimize for wealth, focus on the far left corner of your home and fill that area with purple hues through painting and accessorizing.

You can also include lucky objects that signify prosperity to you – this is an amazing place to store valuables and items with notable meaning to you (does anyone else still have the first dollar they’ve ever earned?).

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the Bagua map, arrange your furniture to allow energy to flow effectively throughout your home. Take a look at the bedroom for the most productive use of furniture arrangement.

The bedroom is a key place to take time away from your busy life for relaxation and, perhaps most importantly, healing. It may be a place of private turmoil, especially after sharing it with a previous spouse. Whether it is the bedroom you shared or a completely new space, it’s the perfect place to bring rejuvenating, positive energy.

Start with the bed. Position your frame in the commanding position. This position helps you deal with whatever life may throw at you over the course of the day while taking control of your individual state of mind. Your bed should face the door yet not completely at the entrance. Instead, utilize a diagonal orientation if you have space or choose a wall that is facing the doorway yet not directly opposite.

If possible, avoid placing your bed under windows or beams. This plays to our natural instinct to remain alert in case of danger. Make sure your bed frame is free of cutout designs and is not loose structurally. Facing the doorway and having a stable backing creates a very secure environment capable of being seen from the bed at any angle.

If you’re still haunted by ghosts of relationships past, there are several other ways to clear out bad energy. Own your space by removing photos of people not sleeping in that specific bedroom to concentrate POSITIVE vibes on yourself. Dispose of any other shared items, like mattresses and bedding that may cause stress or detrimental thoughts about your ex-spouse. In fact, it may be time to get a new mattress altogether.

Further the feng shui of your bedroom by choosing simple wall art rather than bulky, overbearing pieces. Consider art that promotes tranquility, such as natural landscapes, instead. Try to keep the accents in your room in pairs, such as end tables or decorative throw pillows. Each of these techniques is known for creating harmony and balancing energy in a space.

While the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom is vital in terms of feng shui, getting a good night’s sleep is also one of the best ways to take care of yourself after a divorce. Sticking to a schedule, exercise, and herbal remedies such as essential oils that promote relaxation are all great ways to improve sleep.

Feng shui is not a total cure-all for the negative side effects of divorce, and implementing it may not help in leaps and bounds at first. However, it can be a healthy way to get a fresh start and lead to more mindful living or an improved outlook. Pair that with proven stress management techniques, and you’re sure to create more positive spaces and thoughts in your life.

Jennifer is a home design enthusiast passionate about creating beautiful spaces. She believes that true happiness begins at home, so taking steps to improve interiors is vital for everyday positivity.

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