Using Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home During a Divorce

Adding attractive eye-catching colors while keeping with the overall style of the exterior of the home is a perfect way to add to your curb appeal.

curb appeal: A beautiful house

Selling a home during a divorce often provides roadblocks and obstacles not usually present in a traditional sale.

Who is going to maintain the yard and overall upkeep of the home is a major concern. In today’s market, curb appeal is vital.

Using Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home

 How Curb Appeal Affects the Sale

The overall attractiveness of your home is curb appeal. It’s the gateway to making buyers want to see more. Features such as landscaping, physical exterior, and the overall façade of your home are extremely important.  You need to thoroughly consider and perfect their presentation to buyers. Make the buyers want to come in.

Solidify that you care by displaying a well-maintained lawn and exterior. Display to potential buyers that you take pride in your home.

Home searches usually start online. Buyers begin looking at general photos of the interior. They use Google maps to zoom into the exterior; why bother driving out and around when you can just browse online? Having great curb appeal and attractive photos online will help confirm that you pique their interest immediately.

Welcoming Walkway

Your walkway serves as the portal to your home. Preparing the entrance will definitely gain you points with buyers. The walkway, landings, and front door should all mesh together, helping to provide an appealing journey from the street walk to the front door.

Front and Back Doors

Adding attractive, eye-catching colors while keeping with the overall style of the home’s exterior is a perfect way to add to your curb appeal.  Maintain a contrast between the face of your home and the front entrance. Pump up your curb appeal.

Your back door also needs attention. For example, if you have a screen door, check to see if it needs a new screen or is on track. Also, clean the door windows and around the door itself. Nothing is worse than having something fall apart or not work properly when a buyer is in your home.

Well-Manicured Lawn

Well-manicured lawns are extremely important; they help to portray the beauty of the rest of your home. High-maintenance lawns can turn buyers off, so it’s best to go for a neat and attractive look, don’t go overboard, and have the grass cut and trimmed nicely to show that it is healthy.

Avoid too many lawn ornaments when it comes to curb appeal. This can make it look tacky, cluttered, and uninviting.

Backyard Curb Appeal

It is very important not to skimp on the backyard – it can help seal the deal. Your backyard should be just as beautiful as the front. The curb appeal may be the face of the house, but remember, the backyard is a private space.

Patio furniture helps to make your backyard feel much more welcoming and helps buyers picture themselves sitting outside with family and friends, enjoying a conversation. It is important for buyers to see themselves in the backyard enjoying the weather and all that life offers as owners of your home. Make sure that your backyard is in top condition.

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