Tips to Beat the “First Valentine’s Day Alone” Blues

All holidays are tough in the first year post separation or divorce. Valentine’s Day can be especially hard for many new singles. Here are some tips to beat the blues on the so-called “Day of Love.”

Broken Heart: first Valentine's Day alone after divorce

The first Valentine’s Day after divorce can be lonely, sad, and a reminder of the things you have lost. In fact, the entire first year after separation or divorce is full of “firsts.”  First birthday, first Christmas, first New Year’s – and now, first Valentine’s Day.

As you move through the calendar year, you will create new holiday traditions for yourself and your children. Each holiday is a bit of a road bump, and as a result the holidays often trigger nostalgia or disappointment. Valentine’s Day, in particular, is quite hard for many new singles, especially hard if it’s your first Valentine’s Day after divorce.  Here are some ways to beat the Valentine’s Day blues.

The first Valentine’s Day alone after divorce can be an emotional trigger.

Your friends all seem to be celebrating with their mates. The stores are selling chocolate and flowers. The “love is in the air” atmosphere can bring on the pain of loss, the memories of past holidays together, and the worry about being alone. It might even make you feel nauseous and bitter – but these feelings are all normal.  Fortunately, there are ways to survive the dreaded first Valentine’s Day alone after divorce, and maybe even have some fun doing it.

Beat the Valentine’s Day blues with a bath.

Maybe you remember Mary Martin’s song, “I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair”.  That isn’t the kind of bath I mean.

Here’s an example: I checked in with a young woman I know who recently separated from her husband. She is learning to solo-parent her 10-month-old baby while juggling work and her other activities. I asked her what she planned for Valentine’s Day.  “A day of self-care,” she said decisively.  “I plan to take a hike with my dog and my kid in the backpack.  Maybe I will ask my mom for a few hours of babysitting so I can treat myself to a massage, a manicure, and a mocha latte. After my son is asleep I plan to run a bath with some special relaxing bath tea. Or maybe a fragrant bubble bath, with candles and my favorite music. I know it’s going to be different this year, and I will be sad and lonely. But I remind myself that this is temporary.”

I agreed, saying “Once around the calendar, right?”.

Some do’s and don’ts for your first Valentine’s Day alone after divorce:


  1. Above all, get off social media – it will just make you more miserable. It will probably seem like everyone is posting romantic photos. In fact, stay off social media for a few days until your friends have moved past posting their love stories.
  2. If you really want some chocolate or flowers, just buy yourself some! Valentine’s Day is a holiday cultivated by marketing experts to get folks to cough up money for things you can easily buy for yourself.  It is a commercialized day.
  3. Do something you enjoy: maybe go to a movie, invite a friend for a walk, try a new recipe or have a friend over! If you are really adventurous, try something completely new: zip-lining? Kite surfing? Skydiving?
  4. Think about the good things in your life. Make a list. Remind yourself that you are loveable and let yourself feel gratitude for your blessings. Above all, appreciate YOU.
  5. Make another list: list the things you can do now that you are single. Go to restaurants your ex didn’t like, eat foods or see movies your ex wouldn’t see. List the activities that you are now free to enjoy. For some, it is going to museums, road cycling, or taking a trip somewhere your ex wasn’t interested in.
  6. Write a note to someone else who is single. Maybe someone that you haven’t spoken to in eons. The young woman who recently separated from her husband wrote a loving note to her 94-year-old godmother in another state.
  7. Invite your single friends (I know there are some) over for an “anti-Valentines Day” pot luck. Maybe have a glass of champagne and celebrate being single!
  8. Practice your stress-reduction tools: exercise, yoga, meditation, journaling, singing out loud in the car, dancing to your favorite oldies. Also, get out into nature, or go to the zoo.  Nature is the best way to stay grounded and keep perspective.
  9. Laughter is the best medicine because laughing causes your brain to release neurotransmitters of pleasure. So binge-watch your favorite sitcom or go to a comedy club. There are stand-up comics on YouTube and Netflix. Google “laughing yoga” and watch some videos.
  10. Finally, remind yourself that you aren’t the only single one out there! Being single can be fun, once you are ready for it.

Just a few Don’ts:

  1. Don’t have a pity party. It is ok to be sad, but don’t sink into misery. Misery is optional – sometimes. You certainly can (and will) get through this.
  2. Don’t get drunk or high. It will only make things worse, and you will hate yourself tomorrow.
  3. Avoid the urge to “awful-ise” – after all, it’s just a commercial holiday.
  4. Don’t get hopeless. Just because you feel that you will never love or be loved again doesn’t mean it’s true. Don’t give up on love.

Next year will be different, I promise.

Valentine’s Day after divorce doesn’t have to be miserable. Know that life goes on, and that next year will be different. When Valentine’s Day comes around again you will be an expert at banishing the Valentine’s Day blues. You will know how to survive the holidays.  You may even know how to enjoy them with new traditions, new friends, and a new life brimming with new possibilities.

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