Surprising Facts About the Modern Dating Scene

Relationships can be a rollercoaster ride, and so can the modern dating scene.

modern dating scene: ma takes picture of woman while on a date

Relationships can be a rollercoaster ride, and so can the modern dating scene. One minute you’re high; the next minute you’re low. You’re moving fast; you’re moving slow. You’re spinning, spiraling, and then jerking to a stop. 

There’s no denying that relationships are full of twists and turns, and sometimes even dead ends. There are many reasons why people get a divorce or decide to separate, but that doesn’t mean you have to give your dating life up for good. 

If your divorce or separation has been finalized and you’ve given yourself some time and space to heal, getting back into dating after the divorce can do you good. But, jumping back into the dating pool can also be scary. 

Relationships change with the times. Current relationships are constantly being influenced by modern technology, strange dating phenomenons, and celebrity couple goals. If it has been a while since you were in the dating game, here are some interesting 2020 facts about the modern dating scene that may surprise you.

Interesting Facts About the Modern Dating Scene

1. Getting Ghosted

“Ghosting” is the practice of ending a relationship by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. This has become common practice since more and more people have turned to dating online where it’s easier to just disappear. Surprisingly, some people want to date someone MORE after being ghosted! 

2. More Seniors are Dating

Today’s media obsession with youth, appearance, and young love might have you thinking that modern dating is a young person’s game, but more and more seniors are getting in on the modern dating scene. 

Over 1 in 5 Australian seniors who aren’t in a serious relationship are dating. And of the other four, three hope to be dating soon! Move over, millennials, you’re not the only ones looking for love.

3. It’s Harder to Stay in a Relationship in a Big City

According to Facebook data gathered from relationship-related posts and status changes, it’s harder to stay in a relationship in big cities. The pace of life in a big city is often faster and full of other distractions, so relationships don’t last very long.

Looking for something that will last? It might be time to take a break and go breathe in the country air! Those cheesy Hallmark movies about finding love in the country may be on to something after all. 

4. Technology Can Bring You Closer Together

21 percent of mobile phone users say they feel closer to their spouse or partner because of the conversations they have via text. Nine percent admitted that they’d even solved arguments via text message. 

And shockingly, 29 percent of singles also find it more attractive if their date has an iPhone.   

5.  Six to Eight Weeks is Time to Enter an Exclusive Relationship

Taking the step of transforming your post-divorce dating partner into your long-term partner requires a lot of thought and for some, it has to take time. 

Six to eight weeks should do the trick. The general consensus is that most couples are willing to enter into a serious relationship after two months. 

6. Over 17% of Marriages Start with Online Dating

One in five relationships and nearly one in six marriages begin with online dating. These numbers are only expected to grow, with almost half of millennials having used this dating method to find love. 

Society used to tell people not to talk to strangers on the internet, and now that stranger on the internet has a good chance of becoming your life partner! 

The Future of Dating

Modern dating is very much tied to the online world, and as technology changes, so too will the way we find love. 

Futurists believe that in another ten years, we’ll be experiencing even more relationships based on technology. For example, predictions include DNA dating (accelerated by personal genomics, AI and big data), virtual reality dates (allowing you to see what it’s like to be on a date without physically being there), arranged marriages, and even dates with robots. 

Even if your first try at love after divorce ends poorly, these facts and predictions should give you hope that there’s no harm or shame in dating. Plus, you may even find love again.

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