The Children’s best interest, counts most.

You need to consider the type of custody that you feel is in your children`s best interests and why their interests are most important.

Fathers and divorce

The children’s best interest: get used to hearing this phrase and more importantly, get used to making it your number one priority because this is what it all boils down to. Your attorney will fight for you in the court room with everything available, but if you have not made your children your number one priority then he or she will be fighting for nothing. You have to remember that there is nothing in this world more important than your children and you must prove that you believe this by acting in their best interest at all times. This brings us to the issue of custody. If you are fighting for custody just out of nastiness then that is cowardly because only a coward would use an innocent child as a weapon against their ex. If you don’t want or can’t handle custody for any reason, then be a man and step back; but if you do want custody, your children’s best interest is something that you should be willing to fight for to the bitter end.

You need to consider the type of custody that you feel is in the children’s best interest. Many states have different types of custody so you need to examine all of them and decide which one is best for your children. Arizona, for example offers full custody, joint custody and shared custody. Your state may have (page 78) similar options for custody but they may also differ in many aspects, so discuss them in detail with your attorney. Following are some basic descriptions of different types of custody.

This excerpt from “A Father’s Journey To Custody” by Douglas C. McKee is re-printed in with permission. Douglas C. McKee, a father of five beautiful children; two of whom he was awarded primary physical custody from a previous marriage, knows first hand, the heartache of a divorce that involves children and the benefits of maintaining ongoing contact with them during this rough time. The book is available at the author’s website,


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