How to Relocate After Divorce in an Eco-Friendly Way

Moving to a new home could help you move on after divorce – out of your comfort zone, but with the opportunity to make new memories. Learn what steps you can take to relocate after divorce in a less stressful and eco-friendly way.

woman packing, preparing to relocate after divorce

Having to relocate after divorce is not an easy task. You are probably experiencing many mixed emotions. The trauma of a move on top of this may make you want to simply throw all your possessions into the nearest boxes. Read on to find out how you can relocate after divorce in the least stressful, most eco-friendly way.

Focusing on planning your move properly and making it eco-friendly can give you a certain sense of achievement and help to make the process a little less distressing. It involves some extra effort, but it will make you feel better about yourself and the new phase of life you are entering.

Sift, Sort, and Evaluate Your Possessions

Dividing your possessions is a painful part of the divorce process, and you don’t want to still be arguing over who gets what on moving day. Downsizing is often necessary after a divorce, and it may be impossible to fit your possessions into your new location. Sorting through items and deciding what you no longer need can be a very therapeutic process.

When you decide what you no longer need, you can either sell it or donate it. This involves more work on your part than just trashing it, but it’s better for the environment. Have a garage sale or sell items on sites like eBay. If you donate to local charity organizations, they are usually willing to come and pick up items.

Many items can be recycled, from old electronics to batteries. Find out what you can recycle and how to recycle it. Waste Management is a website with some good information.

Selling old furniture, etc. may also give you the option of buying a few new possessions more suited to your new space. After the experience of a broken marriage, it’s good to decorate your space in your own style without having to cater to someone else’s preferences. Creating something pleasing to you can give you a sense of accomplishment.

Hire an Eco-Friendly Relocation Business 

Natalie Wolfe, a member of the team at BestEssays, shares her experience: “When I had to relocate after divorce, I was determined to find an eco-friendly relocation company. It was quite a challenge, but I succeeded. Focusing on doing this helped my state of mind.”

What should you be looking for? LED cargo areas, use of recycled materials, low-emission trucks, and so forth. When a company claims it is eco-friendly, you shouldn’t take it for granted but do some research to make sure.

Pack Light and Ask for Help

The more stuff you decide to take to your new home, the more money you’ll spend and the more nerve-wracking the process may be as you try to cram your possessions into a possibly much smaller space. Making your move as economical as possible makes sense when going through a divorce. It is also better for the environment if you make as few trips as possible. Try to skip all those small trips to and from your new place.

You will always need some boxes, but you can cut down on the amount by using suitable containers you already have. You may have been storing boxes for a while in your garage that you can use for your move.

If you don’t have any boxes, ask friends or call local retail and grocery stores. You can even mention on social media that you’re looking for spare boxes and you’re willing to collect them. Don’t think of buying brand new moving boxes, except as a very last resort. Eco-friendly moving companies should be able to set you up with reusable moving boxes. Then you don’t have to worry about going the cardboard box route.

Get creative with packing materials and don’t use those that are difficult to recycle or that you will be tempted to just toss in the trash because they need to be recycled at specific locations. Rather use linen, towels, comforters, and clothes to wrap items for packing. You can also use newspaper which is easy to dispose of in your recycling bin.

Don’t be tempted to prove you can do everything yourself when facing a move. It will help to enlist friends and family members to help you pack.

Clean Up Your Space and Your Life

Cleaning is part of the moving process and gives you another way to clear your mind and prepare you for the next phase of your life. You’ll need to clean out your old space and your new one. When doing so, try to choose environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, such as white vinegar, essential oils, lemon, and baking soda.

After your divorce is final, you can see your move as a chance to clean up your life too – make plans for the future, work on your health, etc. Moving into a new place that’s suitable for you as a single person can remove some stress.

Move On

There are many good reasons to stay in your home after your divorce is final, but there are just as many reasons to relocate after divorce. We all have to do what feels right for us. If all you can do is stare at the walls and replay your memories, moving to a new home may help you move forward – out of your comfort zones but with the opportunity to make new memories.

The moving process itself can be tough, especially when you’re emotionally vulnerable. Doing it in a responsible, eco-friendly way can restore some of your sense of control over your life and help you to move on.

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