New computer program lets parents tell bedtime stories while absent

Read how an online publishing company is adapting to the age of reconstructed families, creating a function where parents can record bedtime stories for their children to use at a later time.

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NEW YORK — Tucking your son or daughter in at night with a bedtime story is a long tradition of bonding between parents and their children. But in this age of common restructured families, many moms and dads aren’t always present to send their little ones to dreamland on a pleasant note of storytelling fantasy.

Speakaboos, an online publishing company that creates digital audio versions of classic fairy tales (often read by celebrities such as Kevin Bacon or John Krasinski), claims to have a solution. Its upcoming website function, Record Your Own, will allow parents to record bedtime stories for later use, even when they’re absent from home.

Parents, grandparents, and guardians will be able to record themselves reading fairy tales or nursery rhymes, or singing favorite children’s songs karaoke-style, using their computer’s built-in microphones. Similarly, children can record poems or songs to share with family and friends. The program will pair the recordings with pictures and music to create story videos that can be accessed from Speakaboos’ website anytime.

The company also suggests that Record Your Own might be a useful educational tool. “Teachers can have students record for ‘reading buddies’ in other classes or even other schools,” Speakaboos’ website reads. “Record Your Own is a great way for students to practice fluency in the classroom.” The program might also be useful for military parents who are serving overseas.

According to Speakaboos, Record Your Own has been designed to help facilitate connections between parents and their children as well as improve children’s reading and vocal skills. Some of the proceeds from the program will go to charities that support children’s health and education.

Record Your Own will be available from beginning on October 7.

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