5 Ways Drug or Alcohol Addiction Can Lead To Divorce

Being married to someone with a drug or alcohol addiction makes life and marriage hard to navigate. Given the loss of trust and the lack of honest communication, is it any wonder that many of these marriages end in divorce?

drunk woman: drug or alcohol addiction

When people get married, they promise that they will be with that person for better or worse. However, one spouse’s addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that the sober spouse may be unwilling or unable to handle. If the addicted spouse refuses to seek treatment, or is not committed to their recovery, it can ruin the marriage. Untreated, a drug or alcohol addiction can lead to divorce. It goes without saying that any type of addiction breaks down trust and builds barriers to a healthy relationship. If you’ve been there, you know the truth of that statement.

Here are 5 Ways Drug or Alcohol Addiction Can Lead To Divorce.

1. Addiction Creates Trust Issues

Relationships are built on trust. It is impossible to have a good relationship without trust. People who use drugs or alcohol will often lie about their addiction. They will lie about where they are going and who they are who hanging out with. When their spouse finds out that they are lying, they will be hurt.

The problem with lying is that it usually does not stop with just one lie. People will have to tell multiple lies in order to keep covering their tracks. Lying is one of the main things that can destroy any trust built up in a relationship.

2. The Addict Will do Anything to Get Drugs or Alcohol

When a person has a drug or alcohol addiction, their whole life centers on when they are going to get their next high. That is why they will begin to neglect their responsibilities at home. They may ignore their spouse. They may also become irresponsible and ignore every other part of their life. This can put a great deal of stress on the other spouse. Divorce is often the end result of a stressed relationship.

3. Drug or Alcohol Addiction Increases Financial Problems

Financial problems are one of the top reasons that couples today get divorced. When a person is stressed about their money, this makes it nearly impossible for them to enjoy any other part of the relationship. It can cost a lot of money to feed alcohol or drug addiction. That is why being married to a person who has an addiction can lead to financial ruin. People may find themselves unable to take care of their bills because their spouse is spending all of the money on feeding their addiction. Financial problems can put more strain on a relationship that is already on the rocks.

4. Addiction Exacerbates Intimacy Problems

A couple has to be emotionally and physically intimate in order to maintain a healthy marriage. A drug or alcohol addiction can make it difficult for people to get intimate with their partner. Alcohol and many other drugs can be depressants, which means that they slow every part of the body down. That is how they can make physical intimacy difficult.

Many people use drugs and alcohol because they believe that they are aphrodisiacs. However, this is far from the truth. They can actually hinder a man’s ability to get an erection. They can also hinder both a woman and a man’s ability to get an orgasm.

A drug or alcohol addiction can also make a person less attractive to their partner. This can make physical intimacy different. Furthermore, both physical and emotional intimacy will be difficult if a person is in a strained relationship.

5. Drug or Alcohol Addiction Intensifies Communication Problems

Communication is essential for a healthy relationship. A couple has to be able to talk through their issues in order to resolve them. However, drug and alcohol addiction can lead to communication problems. A person who has an addiction may not feel like talking about problems. They may also feel as though their addiction is more important than talking to their spouse.

Misunderstandings and conflicts will continue to grow as long as the couple does not talk about it. When a couple does attempt to communicate, it may be tense and hostile. Communicating in an ineffective manner is just as bad as not talking at all.

Alice Munday is a freelance writer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. In recovery herself, she is dedicated to helping those who struggle with addiction.

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