5 Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

For your best success at landing a dating app match, try out these tips to ensure you’re portraying your best side in your profile photo.

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There’s no doubt that dating after divorce can be difficult, especially for those looking to make new connections quickly and turn the page to the next chapter of their romantic life.

For many people, they find themselves turning to dating apps online to better their odds to meet new people quickly and conveniently.

With that comes perfecting your online presence, both on dating apps and social media alike. 

 It’s never an easy process to sculpt your online identity, but it can be done mindfully and carefully.

What pictures to use?

Do I show my kids?

What should my outfits look like?

These are all important questions to consider when figuring out your dating app persona. For your best success at landing a dating app match, try out these tips to ensure you’re portraying your best side online.

5 Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

Don’t start with a group photo

The art of a dating app profile starts with the very first picture. This photo is the very first thing a potential match sees and should be attention-grabbing and eye-catching. Selecting what you choose is important and you shouldn’t start it with a group of your friends as it can lead to confusion.

Not beginning with a solo photo of yourself can lead potential matches to become irritable when having to scroll through the rest of your profile to figure out which one is actually you. Just the physical extra scrolling effort is enough for some people to skip and move on to the next one.

Instead of starting with a group photo, pick out your favorite solo picture of yourself that you think will represent you the best. And if you need to, ask those friends you would have included in your group photo, which individual shot makes you look the best. Feedback from your friends should always be considered as they want the best for you, just like you do.

Show your personality

Dating apps after divorce are great places to find people that share interests and can help you grow your hobbies. It’s in your best interest to have your online profile be an accurate representation of yourself, with the intention of finding like-minded individuals. Therefore, you should brand yourself and your personality with things that make your world go-round.

If you’re sporty and athletic, add pictures of you playing your favorite sport or working out, to your profile. Likewise, if travel is more your thing, show off your latest pictures from your European journey to serve as a talking point.

At the end of the day, the way you express your personality through your dating profile photos is ultimately going to lead to conversation starters that can get the ball rolling. Be selective and honest when it comes to what to show and what to save. Try to share enough of your personality to grab their attention, but save the details for conversations and maybe even a first date.

Don’t reminisce on the past

After a divorce, it can be tough to get back into the dating world. Every person is different in how they feel and how long it takes them to jump right back in, so it’s essential that you’re comfortable with yourself before trying to start something new. With that being said, you want to neglect to mention or show your ex-spouse in your online dating profile.

Unless you’re trying to attract a person similar that also has experienced divorce/similar past romantic experiences, it’s best to keep your past behind you and avoid mentioning your divorce in your bio and photos.

Dating apps are a place to start fresh and move forward after a divorce. The last thing needed is a constant reminder of your past and by getting involved in these apps, they. These can help you get over that period of your life.

Go formal with one photo

While it’s nice to mix in a variety of kinds of photos based on your lifestyle, you want to make sure to include a formal photo that showcases your mature side. Showing this kind of balance on your profile demonstrates growth (especially after a divorce), and shows that you have a multi-dimensional personality.

For men, consider choosing a picture from a recent formal event (not your last wedding!!) that portrays you at your best. If you are without this sort of photo, try cleaning yourself up and having a photoshoot to get the best shot.

Dress your best in a nice button-down dress shirt and khakis to give yourself a mature, yet casual appearance. Once you’ve chosen the right outfit, move on to grooming yourself by trimming up your facial hair in order to look presentable. Just make sure to do it with a trusted razor to make sure you look sharp and avoid any visible cuts that can ruin a killer photo.

Likewise, for women, find a flattering photo that shows your best side and represents you honestly. Everyone feels better when they’re dressed to the nines, so why not pick the photo of you looking lavish in your favorite dress? Remember that many men find confidence and formality attractive, so don’t be intimidated to put a dressier photo on your profile.

Be careful mentioning kids

Similarly to including your recent divorce on your profile, many people new to dating apps are hesitant on whether or not to mention their kids on their profile. As a general rule, it might not be the greatest idea to show pictures of you and your kids on an app, but can be mentioned in your bio if that’s the kind of person you’re looking to match with.

Usually, kids’ faces aren’t a great place to be on social media apps of this nature, but mentioning it in your bio is okay if you’re looking to find a partner that also has kids.

Many potential partners can be turned off by mentioning kids before you even start a conversation, so saving these talks until you get to know one another is for the best. Now, it should be said that you shouldn’t keep these details completely hidden as it doesn’t give an honest reflection of yourself, however putting these details forward so early can stray people away before they even look into your profile.

For more tips and tricks on mastering dating apps after divorce, check out this article.

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