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McKinney Texas Divorce LawyersLoughmiller Higgins Is Built on a Foundation of Noble Hallmarks

A merger between two talented attorneys, Loughmiller Higgins, P.C., is an experienced law firm providing services to families and individuals throughout North Texas. Partners Brian Loughmiller and Eric Higgins have built their firm on a foundation of five hallmark principles: integrity, compassion, advocacy, community involvement, and quality legal representation. It is with these cornerstone values in mind that Loughmiller Higgins approaches the practice of law and advocates for each of their clients.

Divorce Lawyers Finding Solutions Tailored to Your Individual Goals

Just as every family is unique, so, too, is each divorce. The team at Loughmiller Higgins recognizes the importance of considering the needs and goals of each client to reach a workable solution. The strongest attorney-client relationships are based on trust, which is why Loughmiller Higgins openly discusses the realities of divorce as well as the various approaches and outcomes you may choose to pursue. They can help you find realistic resolutions for your complex divorce issues based on your personal objectives.

Success Fueled By Preparation & Effective Divorce Negotiation

There is more to successful divorce negotiation than being well versed in the law. The attorneys at Loughmiller Higgins believe a combination of thorough preparation and effective negotiation is essential to obtaining results for their clients. Loughmiller Higgins understands the value of mediation or collaborative divorce as methods of alternative dispute resolution, especially in cases involving children; however, the team is always prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.

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Over 49 Years of Combined Legal Experience

With an impressive track record and more than 49 years of combined experience, the legal team at Loughmiller Higgins knows how to solve tough problems and resolve difficult disputes. Mr. Loughmiller is a certified family law specialist* and has authored legal articles on the subjects of child custody and divorce. However, the attorneys at Loughmiller Higgins do not rest idly on their past accomplishments; they actively research any legislative changes that may impact your divorce case. (*Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.)

Financially Savvy Attorneys Equipped To Deal with Complex Divorce Matters

Property division is one of the many complex aspects of divorce that you should only trust with an experienced legal professional. The attorneys at Loughmiller Higgins deliver an accurate valuation of your marital assets, property, debt, and other factors that may impact your property settlement, such as employee benefits, stock options, pensions and retirement accounts. They work with various experts, including investigators, real estate appraisers, business valuation specialists and accountants, to ensure an accurate analysis of your marital assets. Their meticulous eye for financial analysis sets Loughmiller Higgins apart from other law firms in the DFW Metroplex area.

6401 South Custer Road, Suite 2000, McKinney, TX 75070
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