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Each marriage has its own dynamic. The same holds true for each divorce. That's why it's important that the attorney you choose to handle your family law matter gives you the personalized attention you deserve. Family law attorney Alison C. Leslie, Esq. at Leslie Law Firm L.L.C. in Morristown, New Jersey will never treat your case as just another file. "I will provide individualized attention to every aspect of your case," says Alison. "Every situation is unique. I will work creatively to uncover nuances in the law that will fit your case."

Alison earned an undergraduate degree in the Scholar's Program at Bucknell University in Lewisburg; she also attended Oxford University in the U.K. as part of her undergraduate program. She studied law at Seton Hall University School of Law in South Orange and then clerked for a family-law judge in Morristown. She practices family law exclusively today and enjoys its challenges and its fluidity immensely. "It encompasses many other areas of law, and it's always changing," she says. "I learn new things every day, and it's very rewarding to be able to pass along that knowledge to my clients."

Alison C. Leslie

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A sole practitioner who has worked for several major law firms, Alison offers large-firm results with small-firm, personalized attention to her clients' needs. She is active with many legal associations, including the Family Law Section of the New Jersey Bar Association, the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section, the Young Lawyer Subcommittee for the NJ State Bar (as Chair), the Family Law Section of the Morris County Bar Association, the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, the Matrimonial Inns of Court, and the Young Lawyers Association. She has also published articles on legal issues, including reimbursement alimony, domestic violence, and working with experts and civil unions.

Alison is frequently asked to lecture by her peers. She has lectured at the annual retreat for the New Jersey State Bar in Rome, Italy on international child custody and in Santa Barbara, California on civil unions. She has also lectured for the Essex County bar in St. Thomas on nuances and issues in civil unions.

Alison believes in paying close attention to detail while focusing on overall goals. When clients first meet with her, she asks to hear their story. "Everyone has one, and they need to be heard," she says. "They have gone through so much just to be able to get to a lawyer's office." After hearing the details of the case, she's able to educate her clients about the law and make recommendations. "I explain the law to them at every stage, so they always understand what is happening in their case," she says. Discovering the client's ultimate goal at this stage is the next step of the process: "It may change, but I like to find that out, and then devise a workable solution for them. I'm all about creative solutions." Alison often helps young professionals without children who don't have time to be as attentive to their case as they should be. "This is where I come in: I can be attentive for them. I keep them involved and get things moving for them so they don't have to worry." Regardless of the nature of the case, she is highly accessible to her clients -- by phone, e-mail, and personal appointments.

An energetic attorney with a strong work ethic, Alison believes in trying to settle her cases out of court. She uses creativity and her extensive knowledge of the law to accomplish a peaceful resolution, negotiating tirelessly and honestly to meet her clients' goals. "At the end of the day, the parties have to live with their own agreement," stresses Alison. "They're in a far better position to do so than a judge who's a perfect stranger." With court imposed deadlines and the emotional turmoil of divorce, clients who litigate can also feel out of control in regards to their own situation. "In my practice, my clients help fashion their outcome and control their destiny. The process helps them regain control and move on with their lives." She will do whatever it takes -- whether it's mediation, engaging the assistance of experts, or holding a four-way conference -- to meet her clients' goals. While she has compassion and empathy for her clients as they go through the divorce process, Alison is also level-headed. "I champion their causes, but I don't have any other types of agendas or biases," she says. She's also able to take a hard position with her adversaries, when necessary. When a case needs to be litigated, Alison is determined and will not hesitate to forward her client's position in a court of law. Her experience as an actress gives her added confidence as a litigator.

Alison reminds those with children who are considering divorce to be especially mindful during their divorce. "Family law, unlike any other practice of law, does not end when the final judgment is entered. The agreement clients enter into will affect them and their children, if applicable, throughout their entire lives," she says. Whether you have children or not, take a step in the right direction by choosing an attorney who will treat you as an individual. "You're going through an extreme amount of financial and emotional turmoil," concludes Alison. "You need a lawyer who is attentive to all aspects of your case."

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