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Evanston CPA Linda Forman

Linda Forman, Evanston Certified Public Accountant and business valuator, will do everything it takes to get the best financial settlement between you and your ex.

Linda Forman, CPA

Focus is a key word in divorce litigation. The legal part of divorce is not all about past hurts and abuses. Aside from children's issues, it is a financial process. Maintaining your focus can save time and money. Linda Forman, a Certified Public Accountant, is an expert in seeing the big picture. She helps you focus and set realistic goals -- and find a positive way to achieve them.

Making sure you get a fair divorce settlement

Specializing in divorce cases, Linda Forman has practiced financial and tax guidance, retirement planning and ERISA issues, litigation support, and other areas of accounting in the Chicago area for over 30 years. Her expert advice: "Don't use money as a weapon in divorce: it costs you in the end. And don't give in to pressure — the last one who blinks wins."

Forman always has her clients' best interests in mind. "I don't just sit back and quietly churn numbers: I get involved when it's appropriate," she says. "My clients feel that I'm their advocate for their issues." For example, Forman doesn't encourage clients to accept an unfair settlement for the sake of a speedy divorce. "I do encourage reasonable settlements, but not when one side is being blatantly recalcitrant. Bullying shouldn't frustrate people enough to make them settle for less than what they should."

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A CPA with a wide scope of experience and knowledge

Linda Forman
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What distinguishes Forman from most matrimonial accountants is the scope of her experience in and knowledge of her field. She has been active in legislative issues and was chosen as the U.S. Small Business Administration Midwest Accounting Advocate of the Year in 1997. "I have assisted quality law firms with tax and business issues. I have the breadth of large CPA firm experience without the large overhead, and I will know every aspect of the financial area of your case." She never hands down her work to other people.

Helping you focus on and understand the issues related to your finances

Forman also has a direct understanding of her clients' emotional states, having experienced divorce herself. "It made me realize how much in limbo a person in divorce feels, and how uncomfortable it is not to know what the final outcome will be -- especially in terms of financial security." This gives her a head start in helping her clients to focus on and understand the issues and to realize that "their problems aren't new, and they don't have to re-invent the wheel."

You can be as comfortable as possible after divorce

With a business style that she describes as "intense, personal, and with an eye toward smart resolutions," Forman blends empathy with practical skills to create satisfying settlements for her clients and their ex-partners. She wants them to be as happy and comfortable as possible after a split. While Forman feels that "two people living separately cannot live better than two living together," her main goal is always to get the assets/liabilities situation to work for both parties in the divorce. "I've turned doubtful situations into successes," she says, "such as people keeping homes and property they thought they'd have to give up."

She confidently assures all people struggling with divorce that "they will get through this, and they'll be much stronger people afterwards, and much happier."

To learn how Linda Forman can help you achieve a fair divorce settlement, contact:

500 Davis Street, Suite 812, Evanston, IL 60201-4655
Phone: (847) 316-1040
Fax: (847) 328-2018

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