DuPage County Family Lawyer, Chuck Roberts

DuPage County Family Lawyer Chuck Roberts

Experience Handling Complex Cases

With 33 years of experience handling every aspect of high-stakes divorce and custody litigation, Chuck Roberts of the law firm of Momkus McCluskey Roberts LLC has gained a sizeable reputation in the community for his ability to handle complex cases at an appropriate cost. Chuck is the chair of his law firm’s family law group, and regularly represents professionals, business owners, sports figures, entertainers, medical doctors, psychologists, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and their spouses. Chuck Roberts frequently draws from his knowledge and experience to educate other lawyers on family law-related topics, including: complex matrimonial litigation, ethics, trial skills, proper conduct of the Guardian ad Litem in contested custody cases, and the effective use of forensic financial experts and fraud examiners at trial.

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Commitment to Guiding You Through the Divorce Process

Priding himself on furnishing concierge level service, Chuck Roberts is available to his clients on days, nights and weekends as needed. Staff is likewise equally available. Every client is furnished with Chuck’s personal cell phone number. Clients are kept advised, informed, and are made active participants in their divorce or custody process. Although the ultimate decision maker is the client, the firm advises and equips its clients with the knowledge and tools needed to help them reach decisions which will result in the very best possible outcome.

Dedicated to Professional Representation

As a law firm that often handles complex cases involving professionals, we make it a priority to represent clients in the most professional manner possible. Chuck Roberts is highly recognized for his work as a family law lawyer and has been heavily involved in various legal organizations. He is currently a member of the Review Board of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission by direct appointment of the Illinois Supreme Court. Chuck is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and was the past president of both the DuPage County Bar Association and the DuPage County Bar Foundation.

Highly Experienced Guardian Ad Litem

DuPage County family law lawyer Chuck Roberts is frequently appointed as the Guardian ad Litem of children of parents undergoing transitions. The recommendations he makes to the Circuit Court regarding the allocation of parental responsibilities and division of parenting time often form the basis for the trial court’s ultimate ruling on those issues. Chuck has a solid understanding of the types of issues which arise when parents are divorcing or separating and the process that’s involved when parties are going through a dispute involving children.

Compassionate Approach to Your Case

At the law firm of Momkus McCluskey Roberts LLC the focus is not on financial remuneration. We have a genuine desire to help parties involved in a divorce or custody case to successfully navigate their change in marital status. To ensure that the fit is right and that we can effectively represent someone, we offer free consultations to discuss the client’s situation without any financial obligation. As someone who has gone through the process himself, Chuck Roberts understands the emotions and difficulties parties experience when divorcing.

1001 Warrenville Road, Suite 500, Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: (630) 668-4244 
Fax: (630) 434-8376

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