Calgary Divorce Mediator and Alberta CDFA, Sharon Numerow

Calgary Alberta divorce financial expert, Sharon Numerow, CDFA

Helping You Understand Your Financial Options and Implications During Divorce

Divorce is a complex process that will impact your financial and taxation situation now and in the future. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) Sharon Numerow will help you analyze:

  • your property division options
  • calculate how much child and spousal support you will pay or receive, and
  • the financial impact of both child support and spousal support.

Mediation -- Settle Disputes Without Going to Court

Sharon is also trained in divorce mediation and can work with your divorce lawyer or mediator to provide the tools and support needed to preserve your long-term financial interests. Investing the time up-front to obtain financial clarity can reduce the cost of your divorce process and provide you with the knowledge to make sound decisions for your financial future.


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Personal Insight plus Professional Expertise

Divorce is a very difficult and very emotional time and bad decisions are made under stress. We understand that and are highly committed to educating you on "what you need to know" about the finances of your divorce.

Having been through a divorce herself, Sharon understands that the financial costs of divorce can become excessive. That experience and compassion have given her a powerful and personal insight into the anxiety and stress that is brought on by financial uncertainty. Indeed, while every divorce is different and each client has unique needs, you can count on Sharon to provide you with credible, clear and honest recommendations to help you clarify your financial future. Sharon will help you understand all areas of the impending changes that divorce will have on your financial future, including the long-term implications of spousal support and child support arrangements. Sharon is also a trained Calgary divorce mediator and the proprietor of a personal income tax return preparation business specializing in the deductions, credits and benefits available to separating and divorced parents.

Focused on Keeping Your Costs Down

During your divorce, one of our priorities is to keep your costs down. Our fees are reasonable and time spent consulting with us will reduce the cost of your divorce in the long run so that your divorce process can be as focused and efficient as possible.

Sharon Numerow, CDFA™, B. Comm, is offering a 15% discount to visitors.

For more information about our services, including divorce mediation, or to schedule an appointment with this Calgary Divorce Mediator and Alberta Financial Expert, contact:

Calgary Alberta divorce financial expert, Alberta Divorce Finances Ltd.

Sharon Numerow, CDFA™, B. Comm.
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