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August 21, 2008: No Happy Endings for Tom?

Tom Arnold's divorce finalized; actor to pay spousal support.

by Jeffrey Cottrill

Tom Arnold seems to have a four- or five-year "best before" period when it comes to marriage. Best known to the mainstream as Roseanne Barr's ex-husband, and as Arnold Schwarzenegger's sidekick in the 1994 hit movie True Lies, the actor and comedian has finalized his third divorce.

According to court papers from the Los Angeles Superior Court, the divorce became official on August 19. Based on an agreement that the parties and their divorce attorneys worked out in January, Arnold will pay his ex-wife, Shelby Roos, $15,000 per month in spousal support for 25 months. Since the actor already has been writing alimony checks dating back to June 1 of last year, the payment period will end on June 15 of 2009. Meanwhile, Arnold will keep the marital home in Tarzana, California. Otherwise, both Arnold and Loos get to keep their own separate personal assets.

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Arnold, 49, filed for divorce in May 2007, when he and Loos were married for less than five years. They had no children. The actor's second marriage to Julie Champnella lasted around four years.

Tom Arnold began his career as a stand-up comic in the early '80s, when he first met Roseanne Barr. He later became a writer for Barr's popular sitcom, Roseanne, and occasionally acted on the show. He was married to Barr from January 1990 to December 1994, during which time the couple often attracted media attention with their wild public behavior.

Arnold's other film credits include Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Hero (the 1992 one), Nine Months, the first Austin Powers, and Happy Endings. In 1997, Arnold won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor, for his performances in three panned comedies.

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