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January 26, 2009: Good night, sweet prince

Prince Harry and girlfriend Chelsy Davy break up -- again.

by Jeffrey Cottrill

In the end, it seems riches, privilege, and a possible future leadership of the British Commonwealth aren't quite enough to keep Chelsy Davy as a girlfriend. The Zimbabwean law student has split up with Prince Henry of Wales for the second time in their five-year relationship.

The BBC reported the breakup on January 24, saying that it had been "amicable" and that it had resulted from a series of discussions between Davy and Prince Harry over the previous two days. According to British tabloid News of the World, Davy, 23, had made to choice to end their relationship. Davy then confirmed the split to her online friends by changing her Facebook profile to read, "Relationship: Not in One", AFP reported on January 26.

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A source close to the couple told News of the World that Davy was "distraught" over the breakup.

This isn't the first time the semi-royal couple has parted ways. Davy broke up with Prince Harry temporarily in November 2007, supposedly after Harry skipped out on her birthday to watch the rugby World Cup final.

Prince Harry and Davy met through mutual friends in early 2004. Much of their relationship has been long-distance, as Davy attended university in Cape Town, South Africa while Prince Harry underwent military training in the U.K. AFP has suggested that the couple broke up because they found it more and more difficult to see each other.

Notorious for his wild partying lifestyle, Prince Harry, 24, is the second son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, and third in line to the British throne. He is currently training to become a helicopter pilot, after having served in the war in Afghanistan.

Chelsy Davy is the daughter of a millionaire safari operator. She is studying at Leeds University in England in an accelerated LL.B. law program; she also has been working as an intern for London law firm Farrer & Co.

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