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Name: Elcid18 New Member  
Title: wife does not work
Hi my name is Elcid married for 4 years with 2 child, found out my wife cheating with my friend both claim no sexuat contact but their messages online called each other love. Wife does not work for 4 years A registered Nurse, I am a physical Therapist makes a good amount of money. Wife keeps on begging for forgiveness and will not cooperate with the divorse process. Maybe somebody have similar situation and I will appreciate your inputs. I have talk to 2 lawyers and have not decided yet.

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Name: divorceiswrong New Member
P.S. You say you have 2 children and have been married 4 years. Assuming the children were born during the four years of marriage, your wife has a more-than-fulltime job as a mother to two young ones. The best gift both of you have given to your children is her fulltime presence at the time in their lives when they are most impressionable. It sounds like you can afford for her to be home with your children--why would you want to be paying a complete stranger to raise your children while you're both off working somewhere else? Please, stop the divorce. Your marriage can be healed and become better and stronger than ever before.
Name: divorceiswrong New Member
Put your ego and pride aside. Think of your children first. Divorce hurts them so much and changes their lives forever. They deserve to grow up with an intact family. As painful as infidelity is, at least your wife is recognizing what she did was wrong and wants to make it right. So many don't. Forgive your wife and honor your commitment to your family. It's hard and you're hurt, but breaking up your family will just bring bigger problems. The grass is NOT greener on the other side. Get help--from a religious leader, a counselor, a wise friend who values family, forgiveness and unselfishness.
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