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Name: rehabconst New Member  
Title: divorce after 30 years
We have been separted for 30 years, he wants a divorce, he lives with someone else and wants to marry her. I want half of pension and everything he owns. We have always had a good realtionship,and I thought as we got older we might get back together. I don;t want a divorce.

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Name: shirley New Member
After being separted for 30 years if you was going to get back together the two of you would have done so by now, face it, it's not going to happen, give him a divorce, get half of his pension and move on
Name: savefamilies New Member
My heart goes out to you. There are so many who feel as you do that divorce is not the answer. Michelle Weiner Davis has written a great book called The Divorce Remedy,which focuses on what just one person can do to help save a marriage. If you're religious, you might be helped by the people at rejoiceministries.org
Name: izzy119 New Member
We been seperated for over 30 years. I just filed for a divorce and shes looking 50% of everything I have. Here's a women that has been living with her present partner for 28 years has a grown up son and is looking to take all she can from me. She never needed anything from me untill I filled for the divorce. What the hell do I do?
Name: DeeDee13 New Member
My spouse and I are going through our divorce as we speak. Its been a long hard road and I'm so ready. This man was my first love, literally. We have 3 beautiful kids and 14 years of marriage. He became extremely unemotional, unresponsive and it tore our marriage apart. He would ignore the kids, like they weren't even there. It hurt so bad to see them hurt the way they did when dad was not being himself. I tried to work on things but couldn't get him to commit. I gave up. I filed for divorce through (divorce4her) service. A company that helped with the paperwork. I don't want anything from my husband. I have been caring for our children without his assistance for most of our 14 years of marriage. I think I can do it on my own.

Name: Dredy72 New Member
Divorce is such a difficult situation to go through. I haven't been married that long, only for 4 years but nevertheless, I married my best friend. We are still great friends but separating from that person you care so much for is so hard. I would give anything not to have to break this to her, but we would be doing ourselves an injustice if we just settled and stayed married. I don't want anything from her and she has mentioned before she wants nothing from me. I plan on sharing what I've earned with her throughout our marriage anyway, whether she wants it or not. She's been nothing but wonderful to me, we just aren't right for each other.

I'm looking into divorce without a lawyer. Save $$
Name: DWreck New Member
My uncle and his wife had been separated for over 12 years, she didn't want a divorce but he served her and because she didn't contest the divorce when she was served within the 30 days he was granted his divorce by default. Sometimes its just for the best. She didn't want the divorce but as an outsider, I could see they weren't very happy. A few years after the divorce, she was very grateful as she didn't know how to let go. She had time to think about it and realized it was for the best. Think it through.

Name: rehabconst New Member
Weprobally lived together for about 10 years of the 30 years, we have been apart since 1880, I live with someone, but I am still his wife, I deserve 1/2 of everything, including pension, he was a cheat when were married and had kids outside the marriage.
Name: nicbrucker New Member
You definitely need to speak to a divorce financial planner in your state. They specialize in dividing assets and analyzing divorce settlements. How long were you actually married before the separation? Are there any children? Are you self-supporting? My website may have some helpful information for you. Let me know if you need help finding a divorce financial planner near you...

Name: august3584 New Member
I've been married going on 37 years and I want out. The only reason I've stayed in the marriage for the past several years is because of my children but I don't know how much longer I can do that. I'm at my breaking point. Just recently (as we haven't been compatible for at least five years), it all came out that he had accumulated a huge amount of credit card debt and I am one who tends to be very frugal. Worrying about how to pay these each month has only made me resent him further, has made me disrespect him even more and I don't want to deal with his problems any longer. I just want some peace in my remaining years. I am 57 years of age, healthy and gainfully employed and have started making financial plans for myself and my daughter. I know this will be difficult for her. My kids are my happiness.
Name: Alfie New Member
You have been seperated for 30 years and you thought you had a GOOD relationship? After 30 years seperated you thought you might get back together again? Makes no sense to me. If you have been seperated for that many years i don't feel you have any legal rights to much. A division of property is usually made at the time of seperation. I don't see how you can hang around for 30 years and expect to get half of his pension and everything he owns. Stranger things have happened I guess.....................
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