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Name: Katy New Member  
Title: Is Divorce ever Automatic?
in Tennesee, is Divorce automatic after a certain period of time - for example 7 or 8 or more years of separation? Our daughter's boyfriend says so, therefore he being free to remarry. Is this true please, or would there be any basis for he maybe thinking so? thanks, Katy.

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Name: Miss__Lead New Member
I know that it differs from state to state, but in mine.. if I file for divorce and my husband decides not to show up to dispute it.. the judge will automatically grant me the divorce.. he doesn't have to sign or anything. And this is only a few months after being separated. I would think it would be similar everywhere, because the laws cant be THAT different in each state.

I think that's what you were asking... however, if you were asking whether or not being separated for 7 or 8 years automatically means you are divorced, then no.. that would never be the case no matter where you live.
Name: madalex Member
No, divorce is not automatic in that sense. One still has to go to court and get a judgment of divorce, no matter how long one has been separated.
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