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Name: eTechWV New Member  
Title: After a divorce are in-laws still in-laws
I thought I had read somewhere once that even after a divorce, my sister-in-law would still be considered my sister-in-law by the law. I was hoping to find a passage to state that, or object it if at all possible.

Several years back when I had read it, I wasn't searching for that topic, but just ran across it. Now, it might have been just an internet site that didn't properly cite the law. But the site seemed to have cited its references. Since I wasn't researching that topic back then, I just skimmed over it and let it be.

My brother has divorced and his ex-wife has a boyfriend that took offense to me calling her my sister-in-law, so I thought I would try to locate something and I haven't been able to find anything this time. Both the marriage and the divorce took place in WV, in case this makes a difference.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help that anyone has to offer.


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Name: Sanskrit New Member
eTechWV, I've read the same thing about ex-in-laws as you did. Too bad other replies to your question go off topic....and I agree with Miss Lead.
Name: lophoenix New Member
madalex is right....It is what ever you and the other person are comfortable with. After a marriage of over 10 years ending, my ex husband of 3 year' nieces and nephews still call me "aunt" and one of his sisters still calls me he sister in law. since they have known me as such for most of their life. He and his new wife don't like it, but it is what the kids(now adults and teenagers) and his sister are comfortable with. Legally I am not their aunt any more nor am I a sister-in-law to his sister. If anhy of your ex's familyor any one else for that matter has a problem with it its THEIR problem not yours. so pay no attention to the boyfriend. Its the relationship between you and your brother's ex-wife, not the boyfriend.
Name: savefamilies New Member
That's great that you're still close enough to call her an in-law. I don't think there are any laws about what to call the relatives of a former spouse, but especially if there are children involved, it's pretty selfish of her to try to sever ties that way. Your brother and her are divorced, but that shouldn't mean all the family and friends involved have to be considered "divorced" too. Usually divorce comes about by the selfishness of one or both spouses, and their decision affects many people. Why should extended family and friends be expected to stop loving and caring people just because of others' selfishness? Nope! Keep the love going.
Name: Dotdoug New Member
As far as I'm concerned, after divorce you are not 'in laws'. My ex has always loved my family and feels he's still related to them. Somehow that just feels wrong. My sisters don't want to see him, my brother has come to detest him although it took several years. My parents were devastated by our divorce and really want nothing to do with him. My family all live in other provinces so contact is pretty much non-existent any moe. My ex-in-laws have not once been in touch with me or my childrren since our divorce. Apparently they knew he was going to divorce me before I did. Nice. I was told on a Tuesday night he would be gone by Thursday. Of course we were having problems, but after 30 years you would think you would try to work on the issues. So, no, sorry. Once you're out the door...you're out of the family. My ex has finally stopped sending Christmas to my neices and nephews. The relationship with your spouse's family ends when you leave the marriage.
Name: madalex Member
Miss Lead -

Please no lectures on site etiquette; I'm not really interested in whether you think my response was appropriate or not. In my opinion, Terry's question borders on the ridiculous and my response was intended to reflect my view in that regard. If a person is not prepared to be open to differing viewpoints on an issue (what you call "criticism"), then a person should not be posting on an internet bulletin board.
Name: Miss__Lead New Member
Madalex.. this is not the place to criticize. Terry asked a legit question. I just signed up for this site 5 minutes ago and your response to this question is going to make me hesitant to post any of my own for fear of being put criticized as well. I actually saw this post and it intrigued me. I would be very happy to hear that my 2 sisters-in-law would still be considered my sisters-in-law because I love them to death. Luckily, they are on my side in this and while I know I won't really be a part of the family anymore, it would be nice if I could still call them that. Terry, if you do ever find your answer, please post it here as I'd love to know.

Name: madalex Member
Why in heaven's name would you care what your brother's former wife's boyfriend has to say about whether or not she is still your sister-in-law or not? It makes absolutely no difference in any way whatsoever. Call her whatever you want and ignore the boyfriend.
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