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Name: Jewelz Member  
Title: Reimbursement for Medical Expenses
Our divorce decree states that we are to split out of pocket medical expenses 50/50. When a bill for our out of pocket comes from providers, how do I get the ex to pay up? I am talking at least two thousand dollars in out of pockets pending. If I pay the entire bill, there is a really good chance i won't see a dime from the ex, but if I don't pay, the collection agencies are after me, since I provide the insurance.Can child support enforcement assist in collection of these monies??? Anyone else have to deal with these kind of issues?

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Name: sylvia Member
If the medical bill issue is in your settlement, couldn't he be held in contempt?I don't know of any other way to deal with it if he doesn't pay you. You might have the doctor's offices list him as the responsible party and bill him directly for the full amount and you can reimburse him. (However, my friend did that only to find he wasn't paying the doctor and unless the bill was paid, the doctor wouldn't see the children.)
Name: panchito36 Member
Jewelz, I'm quite certain, no matter what the state, that the Dept. of Social & Health Services - division of child support... only deals with collection and distribution of child support. Nothing else. That kinda bites doesn't it?... you'd think they would assist in something like this.My suggestion is this... def. don't pay the entire bill; just pay your 50% of it. (It takes a long while before anything goes to collections... so you've got time to work on this...) Ask the provider(s) if they would be so kind, as to send a bill for 50% of it directly to your ex. If you can, make this request in person (vs. over the phone). State your plight briefly, but stress the fact that you just want to get the bill paid... (ie., you're just trying to help them get their money...) Do you know what I'm saying?This is just being creative or thinking out-of-the-box... because you need the ex to pay his share. At the same time... don't wait at all to communicate on your behalf, to your ex, the amount he owes and needs to send to provider (not you)... immediately. Gently, but assertively, get on him to take care of this Now... (just tell him once, that's all you can do - and hopefully he'll be receiving portion of bill in the mail directly from provider).Him not paying is definitely violation of the order of child support. When you need to take a banana away from a 300-pound mean gorilla... you've got to be careful how you go about it. But ... I know you can do it Jewelz... I've got confidence in you... (Anyone else able to offer Jewelz some ideas/experience?....)
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