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Name: nic0614  
Title: Ex's wife is crazy
My ex husband's new wife is absolutely crazy, I have heard this from the mouth of my ex husband. When they fight and argue he calls me up telling me some awful things about her, such as she drinks alot, takes zoloft with alcohol, is too jealous over our daughter, she even peels the skin off the soles of her feet. She is gross.

Beside the fact of how crazy she is, she's very controlling. Now, my ex is not allowed to talk to me and he doesn't answer his cell phone, and tells me I have to call her cell phone if I need to talk to him.

Yesterday, for the fourth of july, his brother had a bbq party. I am very good friends with my ex's sister so she asked to take my daughter as there was going to be other kids there for her to play with and lots of stuff for her to do. I put a spring jacket on my daughter when she left for the party but it got soaked. My ex let her wear a jean jacket which he had in his vehicle. Well when the party was over, he was told to take the jacket off of her because she couldn't take it home to my house.

Now, we are back to battling when, for the last three and a half years we were getting along and making our own agreements without going back to court. I certainly don't have the money to hire a lawyer and go to court, but how can I handle his crazy wife with my daughter without doing so? Will a judge even allow me to tell him/her how crazy she is?

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Name: kids1st New Member
My ex would cut herself on her heel too. This is a classic sign of Borderline Personality Disorder. You should read the book "Stop Walking on Eggshells." It will help you understand the behavior. But fight the urge to tell your ex or his wife about BPD. It could make things worse. And do not diagnose her to the judge. Focus on the crazy actions, not why you think she is doing it or how crazy you think it is. Judges don't like to hear personal attacks or parties diagnosing each other. And if she is BPD, be careful. They are unpredictable. Good luck.
Name: cyn1 New Member
Your ex needs to grow a pair and take care of his current wife now! If he isn't going to protect your child and take up for him when the wife is being stupied then you have to. Talk to your ex and let him know what is going on and how you are feeling about it.
Name: enlightenedgoddess New Member
I know exactly how you feel sister, only thing is the ex husband and me dont speak so I dont get to hear how she does him. I suspect one day he will wake up and want his balls back.
Name: mycrazydivorceblog
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Name: dudet
I think you can, just write a letter to the judge and ask for mediation or evaluation. I found some other good info about this stuff at www.custodyanddivorce.com.
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