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Name: cg1919 New Member  
Title: Divorce and teenage girls
I would like to hear about anyone that divorced when they had teenage girls. My two girls are 11 & 13 and I have heard conflicting things about how hard it will be on them.

I am trying to find some advice on if it is better to divorce or to stay together just for their sense of security. I don't think it will help them if their parents are not getting along. Can this be more damaging?

Thank you.

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Name: momof2 New Member
Hi. I am reading a great book called The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce and I highly recommend it to you. I have often wondered how my divorce affected and continues to affect my son. Believe me, as a parent you are always second guessing yourself and wondering if the decisions you are making are the best for your children. In your case, you have to consider the reasons for wanting the divorce, how well your girls are presently functioning in school and home. How are they socially, behaviorally, academically, emotionally, etc. If they are doing well, chances are they'll slip into the chaos of a divorce (no matter how civil) and be affected negatively in one or more of these areas. Read the book! It gives you the adult children's perspectives and will probably help you. Good luck.
Name: jakeroo
There is research data and books written about the effects of divorce on the family. Both spouses need to read what is available before making a decision. It is very disturbing as to what can happen that adversely affects many children. To me, a divorce would not be an option unless there was abuse. I make this statement after 48 years of marriage. I wish the best for you and your family.
Name: momandstepmom
My daughter was 9 when we divorced but is 11 now and I am remarried for almost a year. The divorce was not my idea but my daughter has since told me that she would have rather we divorced sooner than to have kept her in such a hostile environment. She is so much happier now -- everyone around her can tell a difference.
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