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Topics Last Answers
The "other woman" with MY kids!04/16/2014 07:00:55
New boyfriends ex wife text messages him at 1:36 AM03/30/2014 07:38:45
Can I put in divorce papers mistress can't see kids03/06/2014 11:39:20
Please help11/11/2013 14:21:31
What should I do with a bad mouthing EX?09/05/2013 00:54:52
Ex and my 5 year old slept in his car after g/f threw out!!08/31/2013 02:21:49
Mothers broken heart08/30/2013 17:30:42
Pictures08/19/2013 22:48:19
Alienation hurts08/19/2013 22:48:13
sole legal custodian08/19/2013 22:48:08
Moving me and my two young children to a different state08/19/2013 22:48:04
The future grandparent08/19/2013 22:47:53
abusive stepmom?08/19/2013 22:47:50
Ex wife will do anything to make the kids hate my girlfriend08/19/2013 22:46:51
Outside of Parent Visitation Schedule question?08/19/2013 22:46:46
birdnesting08/19/2013 22:46:40
Summertime Possession08/19/2013 22:46:34
Week on week off 50/50 custody schedule08/19/2013 22:46:29
Ex Doesn't Agree About Sports for 6 year old08/19/2013 22:45:59
A blended family and bad Ex's.08/19/2013 22:45:54
Need to know when children are not in school?08/19/2013 22:45:50
Strengthen bonds b/w you & your child; Healthy Co-Parenting!08/19/2013 22:45:42
I won't let my 7 yr old around new wife08/19/2013 22:45:28
50/50 Custody Schedule08/19/2013 22:45:20
Mom leaves kids with Dad08/19/2013 22:45:15
Has she gone too far?08/19/2013 22:45:10
Really, what is sole custody worth??08/19/2013 22:45:05
How to solve your lover problem and stop divorce08/19/2013 22:39:38
children angry with parent who initiates the divorce12/21/2012 17:31:54
4yr old calling another man dad12/11/2012 11:39:03
Handling the Holidays11/16/2012 16:15:29
The Father's Girlfriend11/08/2012 17:37:47
Parental Alienation Support Group10/26/2012 00:08:51
50/50 arrangement10/26/2012 00:08:45
Expectation to privacy between noncustodial parent and child10/26/2012 00:08:33
Temporary Relocation10/26/2012 00:08:27
Parental Alienation10/26/2012 00:08:20
Need info for visitation with my son...PLEASE HELP.10/26/2012 00:08:13
Requesting A Parenting Plan Evulation10/26/2012 00:07:50
Help Please10/26/2012 00:07:37
DO NOT take it to court unless you HAVE to.10/26/2012 00:07:20
Leaving kids home alone10/26/2012 00:07:08
Ex lies to the kids10/26/2012 00:06:05
Stepmom Physically Hurt my daughter10/26/2012 00:06:00
my husband has a girlfriend and we have a 3 month old baby10/26/2012 00:05:55
Wife refuses to see reason during divorce10/26/2012 00:05:46
Dating a divorced dad who brings up the ex-wife10/26/2012 00:05:39
Father has custody out of spite10/26/2012 00:05:26
shared schedule for an infant?10/26/2012 00:05:01
Deranged Step Mother10/26/2012 00:04:51
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