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Name: cjl New Member  
Title: typical maintenance + child support amount in New York?
Anyone willing to share personal cases of maintenance + child support amount in New York?

For my case, the net maintenance + child support (for 2 children) is 50% of my net income. The net maintenance and my net income are both after tax (a rough estimate of course).

The child support adds-on (music/sport lesson and summer camp etc) is 7%. I am required to pay college education cost of children, which amounts to 13% averaged over the next few years before they go to college..

So I am left with 30% of my net income.

Is this a fair deal?

The typical length of maintenance is half of marriage length, the lawyer says. Our agreement is slightly higher. My spouse is not working.

The amount above is based on my best year of income (the most recent year), close to half of income is bonus. The bonus could be 0 as in previous 2 years. This year's bonus will be coming soon, it's expected to about the same. So the 0 bonus in previous years could be disregarded somehow.

Since our past spending is based on base salary only, if we maintain the same living standard, under current agreement, my spouse is going to end up with more saving than me (the average living cost of each person for 3 people together is much less than the cost for 1 people). This is making me unhappy.


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