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Name: foobar New Member  
Title: How long (and how much) Alimony needs to be paid
I am in CA and considering divorce after being married for 14 years. We have two children. My wife is educated (AA and Diploma) but has not worked until this year. She will probably earn $12K/year and I earn about $130K/year. How long will I have to pay Alimony and how much? Will it gradually decrease? Does it make a difference if my income paid for her education? How can I estimate child support amount?Thanks.Fubar

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Name: oldsurfa Member
try this link: http://xspouse.com/ use the free demo for a check on how much. Generally I hear it's for at least half the length of the marriage as a starting point.
Name: norah Member
There is a website, sorry can't remember it now, that info is at home, but it tells the determining factors towards spousal support, which might include ability to sustain a lifestyle that has been the norm, ie, have grown accustomed too, ability to work and at what income, length of marriage, health of the spouse etc., and the earning capability of the one paying the support. Remember also, that alimony is a tax deduction for who pays it and is considered income for the receiver. My order which is only temporary and basically ignored for 18+ months says indefinately, until I remarry or die, at the discretion of the courts, and we lived married for almost 5 years, still married mind you 2 years later next month, but the 1/2 of married life would normally be 2.5 years, but in my case it was as stated above.
Name: paz Member
If you paid student loans, you get it back.It sounds like the $500 to consult with an attorney and find out what the story is would be a wise investment.
Name: foobar New Member
Thanks for the replies. Are these equations (to calculate Alimony and CS) in the public domain or only lawyers and Judges have access to them?Also I have heard the Alimony payout term to be half of married life only applicable for marriages lasting less than 10 years. For a long marriage (more than 10 years) the payout seems to be forever (or until death or remarriage of spouse). Gulp, can that be true?Thanks.fubar.
Name: paz Member
There is an equation. Daisy's right - generally you get alimony in CA for 1/2 the time you were married. And it's based on salary differential. There's actually a specific calculation.But the judge has discretion, based on a number of factors, so sometimes it's just easier to agree to the basic amount, or you could face more.
Name: Daisy New Member
A thought popped in my head about the alimony, I think that in CA there might be some equation that they get alimony for half the years you were married but I really don't know. Just guessing and picking my brain a little. I think that there is something about her ability to get a job and support herself as well. It's not like the old days where a woman got alimony for the rest of her life or until she remarries. Ahahahahahaha! That's funny. So archaic. Whew! It's late here, I am kinda rambling and again, I don't really know the answer.
Name: Daisy New Member
Wow. I don't really know the answer to your question about alimony, but I LOVE your name! That is hilarious!
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