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Premarital Counseling: A Wedding Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

Premarital counseling sets a marriage up for success – a gift that will last a lifetime.

How to Deal with Parental Guilt

Parental guilt can arise at any point before, during, and after divorce. Recognize that you are probably being too hard on yourself and follow these tips for dealing with the guilt.

By:Wendi Schuller| April 23, 2018 | (0) Comments |

3 Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

There are common misconceptions that keep some people from resolving their divorce issues – such as alimony, property settlement, and child custody – through mediation.

What’s on Your Fridge? 10 Inspirational Messages You Need After Divorce

The best divorce advice comes from your own heart. Here are 10 must-have quotes to start your unique collection of inspirations in a language that speaks to your soul.

By:Kat Forsythe MSW| April 16, 2018 | (0) Comments |

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Filing Taxes After Divorce

With issues such as spousal support, child support and child custody now being a part of your life, it's important to be prepared before filing taxes after divorce.

By:Michael V. Fancher| April 13, 2018 | (0) Comments |

Top 5 Ways to Keep Divorce Costs Down

Divorce costs can run high if you aren't prepared going into the divorce process. Follow these basic rules to help you save money in the long run.

7 Ways to Repair Relationship Conflict and Recover More Quickly

Relationship conflict will happen and differences don’t have to lead to a breakup. Dealing effectively with disagreements can make your partnership stronger.

By:Terry Gaspard| April 12, 2018 | (0) Comments |

A Deep Dive Into Divorce and Taxes in the U.S.A.

Dealing with U.S. taxes can be stressful; dealing with divorce and taxes can be excruciating. If you're going through a divorce this tax season, follow these tips on filing status, alimony, and child support.


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