Tips for Divorce and Back To School

By: Russell J. Frank, Esq.
Last Update: December 11, 2017

How to Ensure a Smooth Transition for Back-to-School During Divorce

The summer is quickly coming to an end, so with that comes the inevitable start of the next school year for your children. For many parents, the start of the school year is a much needed break after having just spent the better part of two months being around-the-clock social planners. With that, however, comes some added responsibility for parents as the transition back into a regular school routine can sometimes be challenging, especially for those familiar with divorce and back to school. In order to help ensure your children have a smooth transition, here is a helpful list of ideas to guide you in the closing weeks of summer.

Divorce and Back to School Should Include Plenty of Routine

At least about two weeks before school starts, it generally is a good idea to get your children back into the flow of a normal school schedule and routine. This would include the re-establishment of school appropriate bed and wake-up times, including shower/bath times. In the event that these have become lax over the summer, more regularly scheduled meals, as the ending of the snacking that occurs the throughout the day, can sometimes be a hallmark of summer vacation for children, can be important as snacking becomes less available during the school days. 

Create Study Time Now

Before school starts, it can be helpful to designate an hour or two per day for your children during which they would read, write or otherwise do age appropriate mental exercises or school-related work that will help get their minds moving again. After taking a few months away from the regular rigors of the school year, sometimes the brain can atrophy so the more a child can get back into the routine of active thought and learning before school starts, the easier the transition back to school can be.

Ensure They Get out of the House

It's easy to forget that when school starts, your children may be sitting much of the day, so while they still have an opportunity to play outside, it's important to ensure they get the physical activity they need. Equally important to a child's mental health is their physical health, so it's always good to have your child engaged in physical activities while they are away from school and have that extra time.

Meet with Teachers and Get Familiar with The School

In order to ensure your child's comfort level regarding your divorce and back to school, it's very important to take advantage of the meet-the-teacher and open-house events that the schools will offer prior to the start of the school year.  By going to the school, walking the campus and meeting the teachers, your child will have the opportunity to examine their surroundings, their new classrooms and teachers, and that can help to alleviate any apprehension young children may have towards going back to school.

Have Fun

Before summer ends, it's always fun to plan one last family event that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish once the school year starts. Whether that is going to a theme park, the beach or a day-time movie, the summer should still represent a care-free time for most children, so take advantage of the time you do have with your children while they have these summer vacations to share with you.

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