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Can Trusts Be Used in Equitable Distribution and Divorce Tax Planning?

The use of a trust in equitable distribution and tax planning in divorce situations can be complicated and not right in every situation. However, using a trust for equitable distribution and support payments could add an extra layer of protection for your client.

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What Can My Financial Advisor Do for Me in My Divorce?

The process of getting divorce is a combination of legal, emotional, family, and financial issues all rolled into one. Many times the financial side of the equation is overlooked, or assumed to be fully analyzed in the legal process. But far too often the financial side is under-analyzed, under-appreciated, and not “future-proofed.” That’s where I, the financial advisor, come in.

Tax Consequences to Consider During Property and Debt Division

Division of assets and debts may sound easy, but it is often not easy at all. These are the tax effects of property division and debt division in divorces and dissolutions.

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4 Common Divorce Regrets – and How to Avoid Them

While a divorce can greatly affect you emotionally, it can also impact you financially. As you go through the divorce process, remember that the decisions you make now will have long-term effects on your future.

Structuring Tax-Free Property Settlements Between Divorcing Spouses

Usually, transfers of appreciated property between parties result in gain recognition. However, by utilizing Section 1041 of the Internal Revenue Code and a properly drafted property settlement agreement, divorcing spouses can transfer property between themselves without triggering a gain.

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What to Do with the Family Home: 3 Options to Consider

The house can often be the single largest asset in a marital estate. Decisions you make in this regard may determine your future financial stability. Take the emotions out of it.

How to Improve Your Credit Score Before Getting Divorced

To keep divorce from destroying you financially, you should prepare in advance to protect yourself. One important step is to ensure that you have good credit before you get divorced, which can be invaluable both as you pay for the expenses associated with divorce and when you’re moving on with your new life.

6 Crucial Pieces of Financial Information Your Tax Return Can Reveal

When divorce is on the horizon, it becomes necessary to compile a list of marital property (assets and debts) and supporting documentation as early in the process as possible. Tax returns are a good place to start when trying to verify sources of income, and to locate the existence of various assets owned.

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