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Taking the Next Steps Post-Divorce: Step Two

Take the time to consider your divorce financials as part of the next steps post-divorce.


By:Adrienne Rothstein Grace| September 25, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Taking the Next Steps Post-Divorce

Just because the agreement has been signed doesn't mean your divorce is over. There may still be steps to take to implement that agreement; make sure to choose the right professional to help you complete each task.

Retirement Benefits and Divorce

Retirement benefits and divorce: navigating your retirement benefit situation.

Divorce and the Division of Your Assets

In addition to the pain and hurt feelings involved, there are also the legalities, which include dividing your assets.

By:Jane Hurst| April 07, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Can Marital Interests in Property Be Declared to Have Existed Pre-Marriage?

Can marital interests in property ever be declared to have existed before the actual date of marriage in Ohio? The answer is “yes” if it would be “inequitable” to decide otherwise.

By:William L Geary| March 07, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Pets and Divorce: A Florida Law Primer

These recent reforms are common sense approaches to addressing the myriad of issues that can arise when pets become involved in litigation.

By:Russell J. Frank, Esq.| February 16, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Hidden Assets During Divorce: Red Flags That Your Spouse Is Hiding Money

In divorce – when trust is already damaged – financial deception is not uncommon. Money usually leaves a trail, so if you are looking for possible hidden assets, you should follow the money trail.

By:Donna M. Cheswick| January 25, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Bullied During Divorce: 3 Ways to Stay Empowered Through This Life Transition

Bullying doesn’t just happen on the playground. Many people feel bullied during divorce, either by their spouse, their spouse’s attorney, or the court system.

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