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10 Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Legal counsel and divorce go hand in hand. If you are facing divorce, here are some questions you should be asking when you meet different attorneys. The answers will help you to save money and energy as you start down this road.

By:Karen Chellew| March 16, 2018 | (0) Comments |

When Fault Matters in No-Fault Divorce Cases

Despite going through a no-fault divorce, fault may come into play during the divorce process.

Grey Divorce: When Your 'Transition Lover' Dies and You’re Alone Again

In grey divorce, when a transition lover appears, the challenge is to recognize it for the temporary relationship it is. Here’s divorce advice on how to be thankful and what to do when it ends. New, permanent partners are out there, even later in life.

By:Kat Forsythe MSW| March 10, 2018 | (0) Comments |

3 Ways a Consulting Attorney Is Worth the Expense in Divorce Mediation

Although many people are motivated to mediate their divorce to avoid the cost of retaining a divorce attorney and litigating the matter, there are many ways that a consulting attorney can be helpful to you in the divorce process.

5 Tips That Will Change the Course of Your Divorce for the Better

These tips will help you stay calm and in control while you work your way through the divorce process.

Overwhelmed and Buried in Divorce Paperwork?

Paperwork comes hand in hand with divorce and can be so overwhelming. If you are feeling defeated by mountains of work, read this article for tips on what to focus on first. Understanding will empower you.

By:Karen Chellew| February 27, 2018 | (0) Comments |

How Are Classic Cars Appraised in a Divorce?

In a divorce, the value of assets must be determined prior to property division. Here's what you need to know about classic car appraisal.

By:David J. Glass| February 20, 2018 | (0) Comments |

Can't Sleep During Divorce? How to Handle the 3 a.m. Divorce Demons

Insomnia and divorce often go together. 3 a.m. divorce demons are haunting and scary. You can avoid them. Here's divorce advice to help you go to sleep, stay asleep, and and wake up feeling rested rather than exhausted.

By:Kat Forsythe MSW| February 16, 2018 | (0) Comments |


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