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Losing Custody: A Win for Your Kids

Scoring a true win in a custody battle might actually be losing custody. 

What to Do When Father's Day Falls on HER Day After Divorce

Not being scheduled to have the kids on Father's Day after divorce is a problem that should be…

By:Henry Gornbein| June 02, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Annulment of Marriage in Ohio

The grounds for annulment of marriage in Ohio.

By:William L Geary| May 01, 2017 | (0) Comments |

7 Tips for Spending the Summer Without Your Kids

For divorcing or divorced parents, summer vacation does not have to mean you lose contact with your child. Here are seven summer vacation tips for co-parents during and after divorce.

Proving Cohabitation: 4 Steps to Confirm Your Ex is Living With Someone

If your former spouse is living with another person, it can change everything. Here's how to get sound, legal proof of cohabitation that you can use to renegotiate your alimony or custody obligations.

By:Elliot Rysenbry| April 24, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Tech Tools to Help Stay Connected After Divorce

Stay connected after divorce with technology.

By:Divorce Mag| April 18, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Understanding California Divorce Law

A look at divorce process in California and the issues you will face including child custody, child support, and property division.

By:Hossein Berenji| April 11, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Premarital Agreements: The Ounce of Prevention

A well drafted premarital agreement can save you a lot of headaches down the line. Our latest article gives a brief overview of the history of premarital agreements and some common traps that render them void.

By:Steven Fernandez| March 18, 2017 | (0) Comments |

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