Business Valuation and Divorce


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Binding Arbitration: An Alternative to Divorce Court in New Jersey

How to resolve your divorce issues out of court in a more controlled environment with binding arbitration instead of a divorce trial. Jersey City Divorce Attorney Santo Artusa discusses the many benefits of focusing on key issues such as asset division, alimony, child support, parenting time and other important New Jersey divorce issues with a skilled arbitrator. 

Prenuptial Agreements: The New Role They Play in Determining Embryonic Custody

It was once true that prenuptial agreements were the province of the rich, the famous and perhaps those who hoped that they would be rich and or famous. Movie stars, business leaders and descendants of families that amassed huge wealth over generations were the consumers of this legal service. Prenuptial agreements are now being used to address more cutting-edge issues like the ownership and use of genetic materials such as embryos.

Beware of 'Double Dipping' When Valuing a Business During Divorce

Valuing a business is complicated. Throw divorce into the mix and you run the risk of counting the value of the business twice -- once when the marital estate is divided and again when support is awarded. The concept is called "double dipping", and practitioners need to be aware of the concept to make sure their clients don't pay more than their fair share in their divorce.

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She Got the Palace: Primary Residence Issues to Consider During a Divorce

Your primary residence is likely your most valuable asset, thereby causing a lot of problems when divorce does occur. This article outlines the financial issues that you need to consider when facing divorce and how to handle your home.

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Getting a Divorce in Your Underpants?

Services to obtain a "quick and easy" divorce online are popping up across the internet.  But are these services viable?  For some, the answer is yes. For most, the answer is no. 

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If You're Thinking About a Prenup, Get a Lawyer

There are many reasons to think about getting a prenup, and not all of them are financial. Whether you decide to sign one or not, you should talk to a lawyer to ensure you make an informed decision and valid prenuptial agreement.

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