Overwhelmed and Buried in Divorce Paperwork?

By: Karen Chellew
February 27, 2018

Paperwork comes hand in hand with divorce and can be so overwhelming. If you are feeling defeated by mountains of work, here are tips on what to focus on first.

The new year can bring with it a lot of paperwork. Divorce paperwork can be incredibly overwhelming if you’re going through a divorce.It’s not unusual for us to meet a client that has collected multiple boxes of documents, spent more than $30,000 in attorney’s fees, and been through two or three attorneys. 

The frustration and worry is written on their face when we first meetThey are beyond stressed and so devastated because they trusted that if they followed legal counsel and gave all requested paperwork to their attorney, that they would be taken care of. The defeat on their face when they realize that’s not really what happened is prevalent.   

Tips on Getting Through the Divorce Paperwork

We sit down together. Then we talk about where they are in the divorce process and specifically which documents in particular are weighing most heavily on them. Next, we move onto real estate, business assets, appraisals, business evaluations, pension plans, and the list goes on.  

Thanks to my 30 years of paralegal experience, I have an “eye” for the details that sometimes get lost in the mountains of paperwork. I talk about a plan to organize paperwork – step by step. We talk about each document and how itplays a part in the divorce process. It’s so empowering for someone going through a divorce to be able to make sense of their assets and liabilities – it allows them to confidently articulate questions and facts to their attorney or mediator.   

Gaining a Sense of Relief and Confidence 

To help them read documents in a way that they can elicit appropriate questions as it relates to the process is quite relieving and rewardingThey leave our office feeling sure of themselves and knowing what the next steps are in the process. It’s no longer someone else’s responsibility to solve their problems – now they can view their divorce team as an ally, in the process, to help them get what is fair and equitable. 

When my clients arrive, they are defeated and unsure, when they leave, their head is held high, they have confidence, and they have a renewed sense of hope.  

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