Divorce Magazine Turns 20!

By: Diana Shepherd
Last Update: March 05, 2016


Divorce Magazine and this website were launched simultaneously in March 1996. At that time, the only divorce stories the media covered were extremely negative: “The Divorce from Hell” or "Worst Deadbeat Dad in America" were the kinds of headline you might find in your local magazine or newspaper, and the movie "The War of the Roses" set the bar extremely low.

This magazine and website played important roles in the paradigm shift away from that bitter, toxic view of a "normal" divorce towards a compassionate parting of ways – one that did not leave families emotionally and financially bankrupt.

At Divorce Magazine, our mission has always been to encourage people to try to save their marriages – but if divorce is the right choice for their family, then it should be civilized, amicable, and transformational. The way we accomplish this mission is by providing expert advice, quality information, and community support to those who are considering divorce, separated, or already divorced.

Twenty years ago, we started with a vision of a world where divorcing people could use the experience to grow as human beings, to support each other in co-parenting their children, and to end their marriages with kindness and compassion. Our society has definitely come a long way down this path since 1996, but we still have quite a distance to go before all divorces are like this. Until the day we get there, you can count on Divorce Magazine to keep on supporting our readers and encouraging them to take the high road – especially when there are children involved.

We wish you and your family peace.

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