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Blogs about the legal issues of divorce: from child custody to support to property division.

3 Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

There are common misconceptions that keep some people from resolving their divorce issues – such as alimony, property settlement, and child custody – through mediation.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Divorce Costs Down

Divorce costs can run high if you aren't prepared going into the divorce process. Follow these basic rules to help you save money in the long run.

How to Create Your Divorce Support Team

The divorce process is full of pitfalls, so establishing the proper personal and professional divorce support team is crucial to navigating divorce successfully. Karen McMahon, a certified divorce coach, offers advice on what traits to look for when assembling your divorce support team. Divorce is a life-changing experience; make it a change for the better.

10 Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Legal counsel and divorce go hand in hand. If you are facing divorce, here are some questions you should be asking when you meet different attorneys. The answers will help you to save money and energy as you start down this road.

By:Karen Chellew| March 16, 2018 | (0) Comments |

When Fault Matters in No-Fault Divorce Cases

Despite going through a no-fault divorce, fault may come into play during the divorce process.

3 Ways a Consulting Attorney Is Worth the Expense in Divorce Mediation

Although many people are motivated to mediate their divorce to avoid the cost of retaining a divorce attorney and litigating the matter, there are many ways that a consulting attorney can be helpful to you in the divorce process.

How Are Classic Cars Appraised in a Divorce?

In a divorce, the value of assets must be determined prior to property division. Here's what you need to know about classic car appraisal.

By:David J. Glass| February 20, 2018 | (0) Comments |

Alimony and the New Tax Law: How the New Tax Law May Affect Your Divorce

The new tax law will have an effect on your overall divorce settlement agreement and your taxes post-divorce.

By:Russell J. Frank, Esq.| February 14, 2018 | (0) Comments |


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