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Blogs about the legal issues of divorce: from child custody to support to property division.

How Reunification Counseling Can Help Restore Your Relationship With Your Child

In almost all cases, reunification counseling can be beneficial to help restoring the relationship between a parent and their child.

Not Receiving Support Payments? Here Are Your Next Steps

When You Are Not Receiving Support Payments, It's Important to Discuss These Issues with an Experienced Family Law Attorney.

Barring A Spouse From the Home in a Ohio Divorce

Barring a spouse from the home ohio, getting exclusive use of it home in ohio.

By:William L Geary| July 26, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Social Media And Divorce: Protect Your Online Presence

Protect your online presence when it comes to social media and divorce, seek and maintain your privacy. 

By:J. Hope Suis| July 13, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Are You Really Separated? Try This 16-Part Separation Test

Marriage, divorce, and separation is never simple, try out this separation test.

Four Considerations When Retaining a Family Law Attorney

Consider these important questions when retaining a family law attorney, save time,headaches, and money.

By:William L Geary| June 09, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Sometimes You Have No Choice Other Than Self-Representation in Divorce

While not encouraged, when you are out of cash, it is possible to navigate self-representation in divorce.

By:Liane Geoffrion| June 06, 2017 | (0) Comments |

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