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Are You Really Separated? Try This 16-Part Separation Test

Marriage, Divorce, and Separation Is Never Simple, Try out This Separation Test.

Four Considerations When Retaining a Family Law Attorney

Questions to ask when retaining a family law attorney.

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Sometimes You Have No Choice Other Than Self-Representation in Divorce

While not encouraged, when you are out of cash, it is possible to navigate self-representation in divorce.

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Client Satisfaction in Domestic Relations Cases

New and existing clients deserve the attorney's attention, interest, and empathy. Many new clients  have absolutely no idea of what to expect from their legal situation, so it is the attorney's job and obligation to map out what is going on, what types of hearings might be involved, what the hearings are for, and what types of preparation, expert involvement, discovery, and time their case may take.

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Annulment of Marriage in Ohio

The grounds for annulment of marriage in Ohio.

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Proving Cohabitation: 4 Steps to Confirm Your Ex is Living With Someone

If your former spouse is living with another person, it can change everything. Here's how to get sound, legal proof of cohabitation that you can use to renegotiate your alimony or custody obligations.

By:Elliot Rysenbry| April 24, 2017 | (0) Comments |

Taking the Next Steps Post-Divorce

Just because the agreement has been signed, doesn't mean your divorce is over.

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