Considering Divorce


Blogs for those considering divorce, including marriage or individual counseling for those who aren't sure they want to end their relationship, or help creating a civilized, amicable divorce – and avoiding the "divorce from hell".

Three Ways to Reduce Divorce Costs

Divorce litigation can be a costly route to take and sometimes, unnecessary. Explore your divorce options and avoid high divorce costs.

6 Actions to Take When You Are Considering Divorce

Take the first steps and weigh your options before you serve divorce papers, while considering divorce.

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3 Causes of Divorce and How to Avoid Them

Explore 3 underlying causes of divorce and how you can prevent them. It will require some effort, but is well worth it if you care about your partner. 

The 7 Stages of Emotional Affairs

Exploring the stages of the emotional affair and its eventual path to divorce.

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Being Served With Divorce Papers

If you have or are being served with divorce papers, your next steps are critical. This guide takes you through your next actions.

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The Ins and Outs of Gray Divorce

With 55 per cent of divorces stemming from couples married for 20 years or more, couples considering a gray divorce may want to negotiate all aspects of future care if possible. 

Save Time With a Quickie Divorce

There are ways around the time-consuming divorce process, consider a  quickie divorce.

Considering Divorce? Here's How to Start

Here are three tips to get you organized if you are considering divorce.

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